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2020-08-06: A special announcement for ESP Summer tomorrow!

2020-07-10: Super limited Isolated Gate Lathe cuts released today!

20 numbered Isolated Gate 5 inch toy lathe cuts as seen on left.

SOLD OUT!売り切れ!


2020-07-08: Super limited Isolated Gate Lathe cuts dropping on Friday 10th July!

More info on Friday.


2020-06-17: Onkonomiyaki face masks

We have made some special Onkonomiyaki face masks. Cost 500 yen each. Please contact the Institute if you'd like to buy some. More information here.


2020-05-30: Designer Onkonomiyaki purse

We've added information about the special Onkonomiyaki purse, which you can find here.


2020-04-24: Isolated Gate on FBi Radio:

FBi Radio DJ Peter Hollow plays tracks by and talks about Isolated Gate, Big Beautiful Bluebottle and Thug, and a shed load of other great music:

"Here's an Aussie IDM classic from Adelaide's Tim Koch, whose earliest work was released under the moniker Thug. Released in 1999, this was one of the earliest Aussie electronic releases that seemed to me to really get the feel of IDM - melodic, emotive synths with crunchy beats. Tim is a bit of an international legend (and a singularly self-effacing dude), with broad tastes, and it's exciting to see he's collaborating with another self-effacing legend, Ian Masters of shoegazers Pale Saints. Masters has long been into experimental electronic music and general weirdness, but this new duo Isolated Gate is pretty out there - drill'n'bass-level weirdo beats and fragmented vocals, yet honestly kind of catchy! This release, Horologium Demos E.P. is pretty clearly early versions, but hella promising.I was also super pleased to discover Masters' collaboration with Terako Terao under the name Big Beautiful Bluebottle. The Please Come Away From the Edge album deserves a full listen, starting with nearly 10 minutes of minimalist improvised piano from Masters, which is then live-processed by Terao for a similar length of time, after which the two improvise increasingly messed-up versions with vocals and even some beats. We heard the third iteration, finishing up tonight's show."

Listen here:

2020-04-14: New music from Ian Masters & Tim Koch as Isolated Gate now on Bandcamp:

Isolated Gate (name decided at least 6 months ago!) is Ian Masters (Big Beautiful Bluebottle, ex-Pale Saints) in Japan and Tim Koch (ex-Tim Koch) in Australia, who started working together in 2018. You can hear 3 tracks from the 50 or so tracks in progress for their debut album later this year on Bandcamp:

2020-01-26: Important announcement regarding the Onkonomiyaki Labs 7": We strongly recommend that you remove the record & insert from the plastic sleeve, as we have been advised that both may react unexpectedly with it. We are now sending the record out packaged slightly differently. Please see this page for you can re-package your 7". Apologies for this. We are still learning at the Institute.

2019-12-19: The Onkonomiyaki Labs 7" has been nominated for The 2019 Annual Brainwashed Readers Poll. If you'd like to vote for it, we won't stop you. There's also a great list of releases from 2019 to explore there.

2019-11-29: 4AD have announced the Comforts of Madness re-issues. All the information here.

2019-09-09: We've added information about the special super-cute Bu-bu-bu-bu purse, which you can find here.


2019-06-15: The Onkonomiyaki Labs limited (100 copies) numbered 7 inch EP is now available in the shoppe.


2019-06-08: The Onkonomiyaki Labs 7 inch EP arrived from the pressing plant today. It sounds great. We're making the sleeves now. As soon as we're ready to ship, everyone who has pre-ordered will be notified by email. Thank you for your patience.

2019-05-11: Onkonomiyaki Labs will be playing a short set at Art & Nepal in Tsukaguchi, Osaka on 2019-05-15. More info here:

2019-05-10: Second batch of test pressings have just arrived and they're better, so I'm giving the go ahead.

2019-05-07: The first batch of test pressings for the Onkonomiyaki Labs 7" EP were atrocious so we're now waiting for a second batch.

2019-04-11: An announcement will be made here very soon concerning the release of a limited edition 100 copies only E.P. of Ian Masters solo pieces, under the name of 音好み焼き研究所, or Onkonomiyaki Labs. If you'd like to reserve a copy, please send us a mail at:

I'll be doing a BGM live with my good friend, Ayu Okakita: 2019-04-16 (Tue) 20:00 BGM live: Ian Masters, Ayu Okakita at El Nague, Mikuni, Osaka.

2019-03-05: Big Beautiful Bluebottle gig Sunday 2019-03-31(日)at Soundgarden in Osaka with Ayu Okakita and Hujoel from Belgium. Free entry. Please tip the bands!

2019-02-29: We have 5 copies of the excellent Ayu Okakita CD album "Sayonara Dance" directly from Ayu herself, signed and each with 2 special promo stickers included! We don't generally sell other peoples' stuff but this is GREAT! It's in the shoppe.


2018-11-26: Signed copies of Cucumber Concubine/Wingdisk 7" back in stock!

2018-08-07: Cucumber Concubine/Wingdisk 7" for sale in the shoppe section! 300 copies green vinyl limited edition with locked groove, 100 copies signed by Ian Masters and Mark Tranmer.

Cucumber Concubine / Wingdisk 7 "をshoppeセクションで販売しています!