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2019-12-19: The Onkonomiyaki Labs 7" has been nominated for The 2019 Annual Brainwashed Readers Poll. If you'd like to vote for it, we won't stop you. There's also a great list of releases from 2019 to explore there.

2019-11-29: 4AD have announced the Comforts of Madness re-issues. All the information here.

2019-09-09: We've added information about the special super-cute Bu-bu-bu-bu purse, which you can find here.


2019-06-15: The Onkonomiyaki Labs limited (100 copies) numbered 7 inch EP is now available in the shoppe.


2019-06-08: The Onkonomiyaki Labs 7 inch EP arrived from the pressing plant today. It sounds great. We're making the sleeves now. As soon as we're ready to ship, everyone who has pre-ordered will be notified by email. Thank you for your patience.

2019-05-11: Onkonomiyaki Labs will be playing a short set at Art & Nepal in Tsukaguchi, Osaka on 2019-05-15. More info here:

2019-05-10: Second batch of test pressings have just arrived and they're better, so I'm giving the go ahead.

2019-05-07: The first batch of test pressings for the Onkonomiyaki Labs 7" EP were atrocious so we're now waiting for a second batch.

2019-04-11: An announcement will be made here very soon concerning the release of a limited edition 100 copies only E.P. of Ian Masters solo pieces, under the name of 音好み焼き研究所, or Onkonomiyaki Labs. If you'd like to reserve a copy, please send us a mail at:

I'll be doing a BGM live with my good friend, Ayu Okakita: 2019-04-16 (Tue) 20:00 BGM live: Ian Masters, Ayu Okakita at El Nague, Mikuni, Osaka.

2019-03-05: Big Beautiful Bluebottle gig Sunday 2019-03-31(日)at Soundgarden in Osaka with Ayu Okakita and Hujoel from Belgium. Free entry. Please tip the bands!

2019-02-29: We have 5 copies of the excellent Ayu Okakita CD album "Sayonara Dance" directly from Ayu herself, signed and each with 2 special promo stickers included! We don't generally sell other peoples' stuff but this is GREAT! It's in the shoppe.


2018-11-26: Signed copies of Cucumber Concubine/Wingdisk 7" back in stock!

2018-08-07: Cucumber Concubine/Wingdisk 7" for sale in the shoppe section! 300 copies green vinyl limited edition with locked groove, 100 copies signed by Ian Masters and Mark Tranmer.

Cucumber Concubine / Wingdisk 7 "をshoppeセクションで販売しています!