Mission: To develop, support, and “stand up” regional STEM ecosystems that will improve STEM literacy, and ensure a strong workforce & global competitiveness for all Hoosiers while supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion across STEM fields. 

Vision: To assist cross-sector groups in developing collaborative and functioning STEM ecosystems at the regional level that will work to develop a network of support, resources, guidance, and opportunities that will positively impact access to high-quality STEM learning, academic outcomes, post-secondary attainment, and gainful local employment within the STEM field.

The Indiana STEM Ecosystem is a collaborative network comprised of a diverse group of 400+ statewide members. We believe in the value of a robust network of reliable & diverse connections & know that collectively we will positively impact the STEM education pipeline within the state of Indiana.  The Indiana STEM Ecosystem serves as a statewide mediary to regional ecosystem hubs and focuses their support on alignment, structure & growth through a regional, state, and federal perspective. These focus areas are supported through our 3A's of action: Awareness, Advocacy & Advancement.  

Levers to drive positive momentum through awareness, advocacy or advancement include an intentional focus on legislation, funding streams, engagement opportunities, research and resource development or access. A key body of work of the Indiana STEM Ecosystem is to provide insight for both regional ecosystem leads and Indiana STEM Ecosystem members on federal and state STEM related goals, initiatives, and opportunities while connecting the dots for service providers at the regional and local level on how federal or state legislation & initiatives may impact or support their front line work.