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Created by Jonathan Warren and locals from each destination, each Instatour guides you via your smartphone. Go in person or virtually, knowing rarefied backstories, places and culture, with introductions to important contacts on location.

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Las Vegas Wetlands
to Lake Las Vegas
$9.95 per car

Tracing the route of the 1986 canoe expedition of Consul Jonathan Warren. Spectacular sites and amazing lunch location

Billionaires Ranch
Red Rock Canyon
$9.95 per car

Secrets of the stunning Red Rock Canyon ranches of the early Las Vegas elite, including Howard Hughes, Vera Krupp, Leigh S. J. Hunt

Ultimate Influencer: Liberace and Pop Culture
$24.95 per person

Behind the scenes in the world renowned Liberace Museum Collection, and see why Las Vegas looks like Las Vegas

The Pioneer Trail and Uptown Historic
Black Las Vegas
$9.95 per car

Coming soon!
Before downtown Las Vegas came to be, we had our own little Harlem. We may have it again soon.

The Warren tour of Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Coming soon!
The tour of place by the woman who spent 30 years saving it!

The Warren tour of Goodsprings

coming soon!

The tour by the woman who recorded the history and preserved it!

On the trail of
Howard Hughes

coming soon!

Trace through time the steps of the mysterious Billionaire, with secrets left to me by his pilot, just before he passed away in 2019