Interesting Seminar of Geometry and Topology

Talks during the course 2022/2023

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January 23rd to 27th, 2023

Operads in Malaga

October 17th, 2022, Room "Seminario Análisis", 18:00-19:00

Speaker: Francisco Javier Turiel Sandín (Universidad Málaga)

Title: Sobre la dimensión minimal de las orbitas de una acción de Rn

Abstract: Considérese una acción diferenciable de Rn sobre una variedad conexa M, no necesariamente compacta, de dimensión m y rango k. Supóngase que M no es un cilindro. Entonces existe una órbita de la acción de dimensión < (m+k)/2.

Como consecuencia se muestra que si existe un elemento no nulo del anillo de clases de Pontrjagin de M de grado 4r>0, entonces existe una órbita de la acción de dimensión menor o igual que m-r-1.

November 28th, 2022, Room "Seminario Álgebra", 12:30-13:30

Speaker: Özgür Bayındır (City, University of London)

Title: Adjoining roots to ring spectra, algebraic K-theory and chromatic redshift

Abstract: I will start my talk by providing background on ring spectra and algebraic K-theory through applications to manifold topology. After this, I will discuss our method for adjoining roots to ring spectra which we exploit to obtain new algebraic K-theory computations and to provide a conceptual approach to some of the known algebraic K-theory computations. For this, we introduce a new definition of logarithmic THH and show that root adjunction is logarithmic THH-etale.

This is a joint work with Christian Ausoni and Tasos Moulinos.

January 23rd to 27th, 2023

Operads in Malaga