now offers a Client call center!

Support Services Designed to help installation companies with after customer care of CCTV Video Security Systems

How we help.....

We are professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of CCTV systems and are able to handle all types of calls . Currently able to support Dahura ,Hikvision, Genetec, ExacqVision , Magic, Super Circuits, Primero, XVR-China ,and so many more types DVR or NVRalong with any problems and the all types of cameras connected to them just give us a call

Call center Techs are constantly training on all types of system issues and resolutions in our labs. We have a network of IT and Internet provider contacts we use in our services to assist us when needed so rest assure you'll be represented by professional's we want your customers to return business to you so we may continue to grow also .

209 855-2825

Note: This is not our hotline only operations

We are a USA company

We only support USA customers and clients currently to the 888 service line . Our call center office is located in the pacific time zone of California's bay area. Available call hours are 4am to 5pm PDT allowing us to support customers in all time zones for business hours including weekends and holidays 365 days a year if needed .

Fill out the contact sheet below so a representative may call you

Pricing is 32.00 per call for the first 20,

drops to 28.00 for 60 calls ,then drops to only 22.00 after 60 + calls per month

the more calls you have it will cost you less!

Each week you receive a full report with resolutions , person whom called and many more details even follow up to service on site requests for irreparable breakage plus all your sales leads in detail .

1 year term required but no fee is associated unless canceled

How does it work?

We send you a client help-line 888 number sticker sheets ,they are tagged with your company's individual IDs that allow us to identify your business ,account and customers when they call so without divulging we are a third party as we represent you business. .

Also available are client post cards and service number forwarding to our call center with activation of account .

Step 4 , just relax as we take care of it from here your customers are in good hands.