Photos of Past Events

January 2019 ITN @ Roosevelt Middle School

October 2018 ITN

How do we use strategies and tools to ensure equity by providing opportunities for student voice? Guest Speaker: Jeff Heil

April 2018 ITN

Have you heard of Breakout rooms? Our group of innovative teachers worked together to problem solve their way out of locked boxes! We also had a fantastic collection of 1 in 3 presentations showcasing the exciting teaching that is happening in our district.

March 2018 ITN

Reaching Every Student Every Day with Tools to Amplify Student Voice

What does it take for teachers to ensure that all kids truly have the opportunity for success and for their voices to be truly heard? Jeff Heil discussed how high expectations, creativity, bravery, and tools that amplify student voice change the predictability of who succeeds and fails in our schools. Plus, we get a visit from Board Trustee Dr. McQuary!

February 2018 ITN

At our first ITN Meeting at the Ballard Center with Dave Burgess, over 100 educators attended! We had great raffles and wonderful hors d'oeuvres provided by the College Career Technical Education .