Journey to Parenthood

  • Having trouble conceiving or finding one's self on the journey to parenthood through non-traditional means is often experienced as a crisis. It's also a fact that the physical and emotional burden of fertility treatment disproportionately impacts women in treatment.

  • Some coping strategies are more compatible with fertility treatment and situational depression stemming from the rollercoaster that may occur on the road to starting a family than others.

Example - Though psychologists usually discourage avoidant and escapist strategies, active distraction can reduce stress. More people benefit from problem-focused coping strategies like time and money management than emotion-focused coping strategies.

  • People who are struggling to become parents should seek the best mental health care in order to not only improve likelihood of success AND to maintain, restore and / or improve mental health during the journey - which I assure you, will make the transition to parenthood all the better!

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Autumn Richardson, LCSW