About Us

Everyone is welcome at Innermost. Below is our official mission and description, and details of our current core group members.


Growing community through hands in the soil.


Innermost Gardens is an incorporated society.

There are many opportunities to share your skills and learn from others, and not just in gardening!


Innermost Gardens : learning from each other, working together.

The Innermost Garden project was established in 2006. We work to bring people from a variety of backgrounds together to learn more about gardening and each other.

We operate with a non-hierarchical structure. Innermost is a nurturing safe and respectful space where people are able to share their thoughts and ideas. Any contribution, be it large or small is valued by the group.

The members of Innermost Gardens respects all ideas, beliefs and faiths without any preference.

Our purpose is to: 

Core Group

We have a Core Group of volunteers, which oversees the day-to-day operations of Innermost Gardens and the garden working bees. 

The core group for 2022 are:

Chris Montgomerie, Chair, Tuesday working bee coordinator

Tim Packer, Permaculture expert

Viv Winter Treasurer

Ian and Margaret Garrett, Community Hall bookings

Sandy Morris, Allotments

Shar Packer, Accounts

Trish Given, Events co-ordinator

Rory Sedgley, Compost king

Consider joining the team.  Email us to indicate your interest in learning more about the ins / outs ups and downs of managing and running and growing a community garden.