Kinship Recognition

Polytechnic University of Turin (PhD, 2010 - 2013)

"You have your father's eyes".

This sentence suggests that kins have similar facial traits due to the genetic information shared between them. Siblings, for instance, share, on average, 50% of their genetic info.

If, on the one hand, genetics define facial appearance, on the other, is there a mechanism to extract kinship information from face images? It is commonly known that humans have a reasonable ability of telling whether two individuals are related or not based on the inspection of their photographs.

But, can the computer do the same? Can the machine be able to recognize if two subjects are indeed related to each other by inspecting their photographs?

The answer is YES, the machine can tell siblings from non-siblings even more accurately than humans. Moreover, it is also possible to detect parent-child pairs from face images.

This research was published on academic and on printed press.