Writing Projects

The Saxen Saga

The stories of Boone and Elyon, who forge a bond of deep friendship. But their relationship is complicated by all the other people in the galaxy...

Emma: Queen of Kings

Developing a medieval steampunk alternate history of Emma of Normandy and the adventures that make her the incredibly powerful Queen of England.

Numera Sea Math App

Math Foundations for Preschool and K-1

This rapidly paced, gamified activity app keeps young children engaged in simple tasks that build numeracy. The pacing and reward system, and the fact that you can't lose or do it wrong, makes this game hard to put down. Will be available to teachers, parents, schools, districts.

Painting Projects

Ultramarines Chainsword

Hellraiser Collectibles

Miniatures & Dragons

Generation X 

501st Legion & Charity

Red Carpet Premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

We do it for charity. We also do it because crafting plastic is fun.

Animal Rescue

I rehab baby squirrels and help my rehabber-friends with theirs. Tiny Masters is a 501(c)3 that is also a sanctuary for small farm animals.

My Pigs

I have two pet pigs. They are American Mini-Pigs, which is a mix of breeds, often including Vietnamese Potbelly pigs. IG: @PatchesPiggle