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All the science you need to build amazing, realistic worlds for your stories, television series, RPG campaigns, and more -- everything you might have forgotten since high school!

From dark matter to galactic scale, from astrobiology to planetary gravity, these succinct descriptions pack a punch!

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Available Dec. 1, 2023 on Amazon, BN, and others.

Play the game.
Murder the innocent.
Don't let them see you sweat.

Turner Boone lives a treacherous life under a vengeful warlord who employs Boone's tactical genius for his galactic conquest.

Boone wants out.

As a quintessential planner, he's aiming for the long-game to free himself. But when the warlord assigns him to handle a teenage weapon with elemental powers, all his plans go to hell.

As Boone grows attached to his ward, he realizes they both need to escape. His new plan is a gambit that may make things worse before they get better--if he even lives to execute it.

A dark, character-driven adventure in the far reaches of our galaxy, this novel features epic space battles, biological magic, and the discovery of friendship between two young killers.

May contain content unsuitable for sensitive readers (suicide, torture, murder).

Reviews of Penumbra

"Totally unique in so many ways."

"I found this book hard to put down. (much to my wife's chagrin)" 

"Good action adventure in space."

"Immersive universe with rich characters and deep twisting plot to keep you reading more. An excellent read for all fans of the genre."

"The writing strikes a perfect balance between eloquently descriptive and forward-moving plot twists. The characters...expand and grow as the novel unfolds." 

"The storyline flows so well, and you're so wrapped up in Elyon and what she'll do next that it's hard to put the book down."


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Now a free man, Boone's fleet protects Reia's dominion, but he also takes jobs excavating artifacts for high-paying buyers. While his past is catching up to him, he discovers the artifact is an ancient weapon that the Coalition buyers want to wage war.


Boone uncovers a Sincate plot to use Elyon as a weapon to annihilate humankind.