Student Projects

INFO 661: Art Documentation


INFO 661 explores current methodologies in the documentation, description, and management of artist records and their works of art in order to gain an understanding of current trends and best practices.

Fall 2022

artistestatefoundation_5087_992361_RFP Artist Estate Final Presentation.pdf
artmuseums_5381_992730_RFP Presentation.pdf
livingartists_11265_992303_Art Documentation Presentation.pdf

Fall 2021

RFP Artist Estate - Final Presentation.pdf
Net Art Commission Management Plan.pdf

Fall 2019

Fall 2018

Art Documentation Presentation.pdf
LIS661_Artist Group_Final project presentation slide.pdf

Fall 2017

RFP Presentation.pptx

Fall 2016

Artist Foundation Group Presentation.pdf
Museum Presentation (1) (1).pdf

Spring 2015

Didi Schreiner Foundation .ppt
Museum of New Media Slides.ppt