Infant Brain Atlas

Online Resources

This page contains resources related to our work on constructing surface-volume consistent atlases of the human brain during infancy

Linear Registration

Affine registration is performed using FSL FLIRT

Cortical Surface Processing

Cortical features are measured via FreeSurfer

Cortical Surface Registration

Cortical surfaces are registered using Spherical Demons

Deformable Registration

Dynamic elasticity model based deformable registration is used for spatial normalization

3D Image Visualization

ITK-SNAP is used for visualizing intensity images and tissue segmentation maps

Cortical Surface Visualization

Cortical surfaces and their features are visualized in ParaView

Growth Modeling

Developmental trajectories of brain features are modeled using R

Statistical Analysis

MATLAB is used for statistical analysis

Longitudinal surface-volume brain atlases can be downloaded from Zenodo


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