Ines Saint

Author of fun, heartwarming romance and the Angie Gomez mystery series

Dear readers,

I’d like to update you on a few matters. First, I’m happy to announce that Words with Friends (Angie Gomez Cozy Murder Mystery, Book 3) is currently in final editing and should be out in the next few months! 

I also wanted to take a moment to explain why my stories have taken me a lot longer to write these past five years, not just to give you a reason, but in the hopes of offering some encouragement to those of you who are trying to find answers to your own health issues. 

For a long time, I had been experiencing increasingly debilitating shoulder pain, numbness in my fingers, brain fog, and other symptoms. I was sent to physical therapy many times. There was no clue as to why I had brain fog. No one had connected the different symptoms until early last fall when a new doctor ordered x-rays and an MRI of my neck. Long story short, I underwent surgery to correct cervical instability and compressed nerves, etc. late last fall. 

I’m now thrilled to report that I’m slowly but surely feeling like myself again. The recovery process can take up to a year, but I’m amazed at the difference already! I’m already getting close to my old writing routine. Of course, the story is longer than I’ll share here, and I’m sure pieces of it will resonate with many (being told I wasn’t getting better because I wasn't being consistent with my physical therapy exercises even though I was, being told it was all in my head, being dismissed, etc.). At times I believed them and gave up seeking answers, but because I’m extremely fortunate to have great health insurance through my spouse, I was able to pick up the search for answers. I wish everyone had great access to health care and hope it's in our near future. 

In closing, please know that I appreciate your patience in waiting for Angie Gomez installments more than I could ever express. I’m confident that my renewed energy and creativity (and appreciation for feeling well) will result in more stories for you to enjoy. Far more importantly, I wish you all health and happiness.


Ines Saint

Angie Gomez Gomez is a talented young sculptor struggling to eke out a living and solve her parents’ decade-old murders. A special request introduces her to the world of post-mortem cosmetic reconstruction, and she is shocked to discover she can hear a dead person’s very last words!  Available wherever ebooks are sold!

Filled with storybook architecture and rich with history, the town of Spinning Hills, Ohio, has seen better days. Now the Amador brothers are determined to restore the neglected community to its former glory. But it takes more than a hammer and nails to make a house a home…

Spinning Hills is back with The Piper Sisters!

Romance with women's fiction elements: celebrate love, family, friendship, community, humor, and the characters you’ve come to love. When three sisters arrive in Spinning Hills, Ohio, home of the third most haunted street in the state, they’re looking for solace and support as they clear out the ghosts of their own pasts. But what they find is something a whole lot sweeter . . . 

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