Story of Sabal Bharat - A Non-profit Organization Founded By Sunil Gurjar

Out of all of the scams of India, fraudulent NGOs are one of the worst. They prey on the poor, destitute, and unemployed under the guise of an establishment that is meant to assist them. One fraud NGO name that is coming up often is Sabal Bharat Sansthan. They should be at the top of the list of fraud NGOs in India.

Well Known Fraudster Running an NGO

If you haven't heard of Sabal Bharat Sansthan, consider yourself lucky. They claim that they are a legitimate non-profit NGO. The organization was founded by Sunil Gurjar, who has been linked to a number of scandals in India. Gurjar is the adopted son of Govind Singh Gurjar, who is Governor of Puducherry. Sunil is also a son of Nasirabad Congres MLA. So he is quite the power player in many political and power circles.

You would think that someone with political support would do good for their country. This is not the case with Gurjar and his organization, Sabal Bharat Sansthan. The organization states that it is affiliated with a number of corporate organizations. It states that it is working to help empower the young and the poor, as a legitimate NGO should.

The truth is, this is not an actual NGO at all. It's a corporate company under the guise of a government scheme meant to help those in need. What they do is take money from the vulnerable people of India.

How Sabal Bharat Sansthan Draws People In

Sunil Gurjar claims that his organization was established as a social cause. It is meant to help the unemployed find suitable, well-paying jobs. They draw people in by offering free training programs, such as developmental skills for vocational training. These are the skills needed to get good jobs. With Unemployment being such a major issue in India, its no wonder so many people are desperate for help. And this is what NGO corruption in India relies on.

Sabal Bharat Sansthan offers people their "Sabal Bharat Exam". The exam is not free though. They do charge a small fee of just under $10.00 (USD). It may not sound like a lot, but the money taken from the needy and poor is done so throughout India, with millions of people paying for this exam. When you add it all up, they are making millions off of these people.

What Happens After the Exam

Once Sabal Bharat has taken the money of these people and they have taken the exam, they are told the results will be posted on their website within 2 months time. However, this doesn't happen. When the candidates ask about the results, they are fobbed off by being told they will be available soon. They are promised that they will have their dream job and be able to live a comfortable life.

You are probably wondering how they get away with this. This organization manages to stay under the radar for 2 reasons.

The first is that the person running the organization who has political ties and political support. Because of his connections, Sunil Gurjar has a number of advantages when it comes to the bureaucratic elite. He also has his hand in the government's deep pockets. The reason they support Gurjar and his scheme is that they too are benefitting from it. If you look at the About Us page on the organization's website, you will see a list of bureaucratic and government supporters.

The second reason is that the organization runs under the guise of Nationalism that is set out to help the poor. The scheme defrauds thousands of people each year. However, these victims don't lodge complaints. The reason is that they are usually poor and don't have the necessary resources to file complaints with the local police.

It wouldn't matter if they did though. Most of the police are also in Gurjar's pockets and will only ignore the victims. The police even rebuked his own brother-in-law, who was scammed out of 2 million rupees!

This is how this organization and its founder make millions off of vulnerable people every year. The network supporting this fraud organization of Skill India program is well-established. The professional people and websites supporting them are on their payroll. They are found in just about every district of Northern India. The most infiltrated areas are Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh. These tend to be areas where the poor and unemployed are most dense.

Sunil Gurjar is able to hide behind his political background, where he seems to remain untouchable. Not many people would successfully take action against him or his organization knowing that he has some very strong political figures behind him.

His involvement in the Rajasthan political scandal, which involved the murder of Bhanwari Devi, brought down that area's government. It was a case that destroyed the political careers of two families that were quite influential; the Madernas and the Bishnois. He was involved in a meticulously crafted plan to defame the Madernas by distributing a CD with illicit videos. This plan took place over a year, resulting in manipulation, misuse, and murder of Devi. Some believe Gurjar was the actual mastermind behind the whole plot.

Sunil Gurjar's Motives

The planned downfall of these high-ranking political families was done so that Gurjar would obtain votes from a large group of loyal voters. He targeted Maderna's vote bank to put himself up as a successful candidate.

Sunil Gurjar is well known for his deception of people to benefit himself. If he can so easily achieve this in powerful political circles, defrauding the poor and needy is no issue for him. By preying on those who are in dire need of skills and jobs, he has managed to make millions.

By offering free hostel and facilities, the promise of dream jobs and the skills to keep them, people fall right into his trap. They see nothing wrong with paying this small fee when they feel they are being given so much in return. The promise of a better future to a desperate person is not something they will easily pass up. And so, Sabal Bharat is easily the top fraud NGO in India.

The truth is that you will lose money and receive nothing in return. Don't let yourself become victim to these fraud, skill India programs. You can google a list of banned NGOs in India to see if a company is on it. A word of advice is to never pay an organization up front. If what they are offering sounds too good to be true, its probably because it is.