About Inclusion Festival

Inclusion Festival is a musical festival for people with disabilities and their families, friends and allies. A day of music, dancing, and art with sensory sensitive spaces and accommodations. Let’s celebrate our unique differences while bringing people together as a community.

While many concert venues, theaters, and art studios have physical access for individuals with disabilities, they are not yet equipped to accommodate sensory or atypical sensitivities. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to access education, the arts, and community events, regardless of ability. Our mission is to share a community arts and musical experience that provides a safe and engaging space for education, resources, and celebration!

Emily Parker, 

Founder & Producer

About the Founder

Emily is an educator with experience working in a variety of educational settings accross Sonoma County. She currently works as an inclusion coach and advocate. She is also on the board of directors for Alchemia, a nonprofit organization that supports adult artists with developmental disablities. Emily founded the annual Inclusion Festival in May of 2018 when she discovered that no other festival of it's kind exsisted in the United States. It is her hope to spread awareness and acceptance by inviting everyone to celebrate their individuality in a safe space.

"I believe in the importance of creating inclusive environments for our diverse community."  

Emily Parker