Top 10 Voice Call APIs for Gaming Apps in 2023

Voice calls are the primary customer care solution for any business. Starting from the telecom industry to recently boomed on-demand services, every industry uses a bunch of voice call representatives and multiple toll-free numbers to address their client queries.

But streamlining the process is quite difficult. That’s because using different voice call providers for different services makes it impossible. Here is the fix: voice call APIs are loved and welcomed by enterprises to streamline the process.

The voice-calling market revenue of $1.4 billion in 2019 tends to increase to $6.9 billion in 2022. This states the importance and growth of voice calls in attending to customer queries.

Here in this blog, let us further discuss voice calling APIs and SDKs, their benefits, and the top voice API providers in the market.

10 Best Audio Calling APIs & SDKs in 2023

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Product Overview: 

MirrorFly is the leading in-app chat, voice, and video API provider among developers and enterprises. Their voice-calling API allows you to integrate voice-call functionalities into your iOS, Android, or web app in < 20 minutes.

They provide you with a multi-platform solution using tech stacks such as Flutter, React, and React Native.

With advanced tech stacks and a seamless calling experience, MirrorFly provides a user-friendly voice-chat API for gaming apps and gamers. It comes with ultra-low latencies to support voice calling even during unstable network conditions.


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Product Overview: Twilio's Voice API assists gamers to make, receive and monitor calls from anywhere around the globe. With Twilio, gamers can unite through effective communications and enjoy the gaming experience. Twilio uses REST API and is the perfect voice API for game developers as it enables them to make outgoing calls, modify calls in progress, and query metadata for calls created. Developers can also offer the functionality of programmatic call control, conference calls and call queues, call recordings, etc.


Product Overview: ApphiTect is a self-hosted in-app chat, voice, and video solution provider. Their SDKs are widely popular among developers and enterprises. They do offer developer-friendly SDKs and documentation that will be of great help during integration. It has more than 150 communication features and 100+ integrations. Their SDKs are built with native and hybrid programming languages that can be used in various kinds of industries like gaming, telecom, healthcare, fitness, banking, e-commerce, etc.


4. Plivo

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Product Overview: The Plivo voice API is yet again a great voice API for game developers with embedded voice call capability for various types of gaming applications. It provides a two-way audio capability for making and receiving voice calls. But that’s not all, a premium support team provides developers technical guidance and industry expertise around the clock.


5. Enablex

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Product Overview: EnableX SDKs offers real-time voice communications for gaming applications. EnableX offers multiple features that are ideal as a voice chat API and SDK for game developers. It allows developers to easily build high-quality cloud-hosted voice applications. The EnableX Voice API features are known to enhance voice interaction within gaming applications.


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Product Overview: Sendbird's Voice APIs and SDKs are the best voice API for game development. It helps developers build voice functionality in their games, so players can participate for longer, form communities, and discover new means of engagement. Sendbird's voice chats API for gamers analyses communications and discovers factors that can drive the gaming experiences. It programmatically uses insights to improve or personalize games.


7. Vonage

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Product Overview: Vonage voice API is the best-in-class communications solution to scale gaming applications. Gaming app developers have the benefit of a comprehensive suite of communications channels and expert support with Vonage voice APIs. It also offers developers to use the preferred programming language and build high-quality voice applications across PSTN and WebRTC. Vonage voice APIs provide real-time integration with AI bots and voice analysis systems.


8. Sinch

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Product Overview: Sinch offers voice chat API for mobile games with seamless integration and scalability. The platform lets developers integrate voice functionality into their gaming apps within just a few minutes. Sinch voice APIs are renowned for offering secure voice calling features. Gamers can make in-app voice calls while anonymizing their phone numbers. Also, developers can add voice call verification to the gaming app that will generate an OTP each time a gamer signs up or signs in to ensure verified communication.


9. Messagebird

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Product Overview: MessageBird is a communications platform widely used by game developers. MessageBird reforms and streamlines the overcomplicated space of gaming by making communication easy and enjoyable. The voice messaging API offered by MessageBird allows gamers to change texts into voice messages in various languages. This enables gamers from across the world to communicate, play and create communities.


10. Agora

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Product Overview: The Agora interactive gaming API is recognized as the best voice API for gaming apps. Developers can integrate audio functions into gaming applications and enable real-time audio communication to augment gaming. It also supports sampling rates of up to 44.1K and offers high-quality sound systems to ensure an immersive gaming experience.


11. PubNub

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Product Overview: Being one of the best APIs for voice chat PubNub takes communication for multiple users to the next level! With PubNub, the basic one-to-one pattern of communication can be extended to group voice calls with ease. When a user initiates a voice call, they can simply publish the invitation to any or all members. PubNub also lets developers build gaming applications that allow users to connect, invite and stream audio of one or more parties – this makes gaming even more exciting!



So, if you would like to integrate a rich auditory experience through voice chat into your gaming application, speak to an expert! A developer or a technical expert can examine the right solution provider that will work well for your gaming app. Understand what works for you as an app owner or developer, to make your game app extremely interactive