Connection between Flying and Toothache

In case you are wonder, yes, you can get a toothache while flying. The teeth can become sensitive and develop pain as the plane begins to climb. The oral problems that you already had could become worse when you fly.

How can you get a toothache while flying?

Toothache can occur while flying due to a pressure change in the body. This change in pressure can also result in earache and headache. The toothache due to this condition usually occurs in the teeth that are already infected. In some cases, an infected area may start hurting for the first time. However, it is worth noting here that flying doesn’t affect your oral health.

Sinus pressure can also be the reason for toothache while flying. If you notice discomfort in the back teeth of upper jaw, this may be the problem related to sinuses.

Managing the toothache

You need to keep one thing in mind; managing the toothache in the middle of flight is something you might not be able to do. You will need to be prepared beforehand.

  1. Before the flight, you need to get your oral cavity checked by your dentist. If you are struggling with any dental issue, chances are you are going to have in the infected teeth during the flight. The dentist will be able to treat your problems in a way that you will not have any issue during the flight. Moreover, you will be able to get some advice about managing the pain during the flight. You can also ask about the use of painkillers.
  2. To manage the pain during the flight, make sure that you have the meds to deal with the pain. You can take those meds before boarding the plane. You should take those meds during the flight in an amount prescribed by your dentist. Since your teeth are going to be sensitive during the flight, you will need to be very cautious about them. Make sure that you are not taking any acidic, hot and cold beverages during the flight. Moreover, it is ideal to have water intake.

Seeing the dentist

If you feel pain in the teeth while flying, you need to get your teeth and gums checked. This is due to the fact that healthy teeth should not hurt while you are flying. There must be an underlying issue that’s causing this pain and discomfort. Even the earliest signs of decay can cause pain in your teeth. As a matter of fact, flying can help you know about a dental problem in the early stages.