Easy Yoga Addresses

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The current website, which is based mainly on Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's book Meta Modern Era, may be reached conveniently via this internet address:

www.easyyoga.uk     easyyoga.uk  is shorter and also likely to work.

The name relates to a quotation from Shri Mataji, on 24th July 1983:

"The essence of Sahaja Yoga is that it’s the easiest thing to do."

An international network of websites is under development:

World Yoga  has some explanations about spiritual matters and will have links to continent and country related websites.

A website for India is under development and has some practical instructions.

Many websites will be created to present spiritual knowledge in a straightforward manner. Much of that will come from transcripts and translations of Shri Mataji's speeches.

 There are likely to be at least 16 of these knowledge websites and some of the material will be there in over 20 languages.

A DVD related promotion of the above UK domain address began in April 2023, offering the availability of many professional DVDs. The focus is broadly on the UK area between Leicester and Rugby.

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