ILM Services LLC.

Project Management

Expert project management services. We take care of and support all the processes and structures of your project to make it successful.


We combine our experience and expertise to provide the best possible engineering services and solutions.


Expert business consulting services. Exploring new approaches has a long tradition in our house. Yet we have managed to keep our basic values and principles intact, in spite of our willingness to develop.


We provide technology services including, and not limited to, data management, data analysis and software development.

We started in 1992 and have been in Houston since 2005. We offer project management, engineering, consultancy and technology services you can depend on, based on many years of experience and close customer relationships.

The long-standing and trustful relationships we have with our clients are based on the methods we use to enhance both their performance and their profits, which we continually increase to match the changing requirements of the projects. The continuous reciprocal traffic of knowledge and experience between us and our clients forms the basis of the success of our projects.

for Architects, Developers, General Contractors, Subcontractors, Engineering Companies, Owners

We provide Engineers Estimate, Pre-Construction Services, Qualify Subcontractors and Vendors, Procurement of Subcontractors and Vendors, Submittal Packages, Project Scheduling

SUBCONTRACTORS: Need Help Bidding?


*Unit Cost and Formal Proposal Starting at $299.00*

Material Takeoff (MTO) and Estimating / Costing including Demolition, Site Work, Piping, Landscape, Concrete, Structural Steel, Electrical Cables, Trays, Instrumentation, Insulation, Painting

Services include: Estimate Quantities, Project Pricing and Budget Creation, Pricing Proposal, Project Scheduling, Project Management, Construction Consultant, Code Compliance Research, Vendor, and Subcontractor Procurement and Qualifying.

Hire us and reduce OVERHEAD costs to your bottom line (i.e. worker's comp, liability, benefits, etc.)