We have serviced and worked with many businesses over the last 10 years creating world wide Holographic solutions. Through our expertise in the field we have created off the shelf and bespoke Holographic solutions for our Illusion-tech brand range for purchase or hire.

These Illusion boxes are built around standard AV displays. Comprehensive offering for all Peppers Ghost illusions.

Prices from £2000 + VAT
LED fan displays and bespoke cabinets manufactured in numerous finishes using state of the art none reflective glass enhancing the holographic illusion.
Many fan sizes available. Prices from £536 + VAT

Technique which projects the holographic image forward into space in front of the main unit.

Screens can be self adhesively applied to glass or floating within a frame, all controlled via a Novastar media player. Sizes from 1000 x 1000mm.
Prices from £ + VAT per sqm
Filming trickery - Solution hiding the interveiwer from the interveiwee
Specialist glass panel mounted in a frame of numerous sizes for eye to eye cameras.Prices from £300 + VAT

Bespoke prokector mounts built to suite your requirements and specific projector.

The effect can be incorporated into bespoke cabinets using a number of different PG techniques to interact with products or artifacts. Can even include temperature controlled environments.

We supply a vast range of mirror solutions for Peppers Ghost and other mirror applications. Glass or foil options, to suite your requirements and budget.  

Shaped pieces of numerous thicknesses are also available.

Content is most important, producing for these illusions needs to be right to make full use of the products potential. We can advise or assist with producing content having facilities to film and produce.

As the content is being produced we can upload and test on the unit, as seeing running on the unit through the production process really helps make the presentation as realistic as possible.

Recent Projects

Hire os a fan unit which was placed on top of a sheel scheme at the screwFix Livew event
750mm diameter LED fan hire -  mounted above a shell scheme at the ScrewFix Live event - hire price £600 + VAT per week excluding content and installation.
Projector mount with built in winch hoist to safely elevate the heavy projector into the ceiling which also slides on runners enabling movement with ease above our Peppers Ghost Structure at the Suez Canal Museum in Egypt.
Peppers Ghost box , supplied with 24" monitor, specialised glass and full stage set creating further depth and realism to the unit. Produced for the  Blackpool  Museum.  

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