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Setup & Installation for Canon Printer

This article explained to you the process to setup Canon printer wired and wirelessly on Windows and Mac device. In order to setup the printer. If, unfortunately, your Canon printer doesn't support wireless connectivity, then you will have to link your printer manually to the network by acquiring the Ethernet cable. For the wired connections, it is important to have an active Ethernet port on your printer. Find the Ethernet port on the printer, the location of the Ethernet port depends on the model of your printer.

If you are unable to find the port, then please read your printer user manual. Now gently attach the cable into the Ethernet port of the printer. It is the simple process to setup a connection between your printer and router for ij.start.canon setup.

It is important to install the latest drivers. However, it is important that you know the printer model number, so that you can find the latest Canon IJ Setup Drivers. You need to have a router or modem at your home to do this connection, and the access points should also work properly. You should have a device with an internet connection to make this Canon ij setup on computer or on smartphone.

How to Establish a Wi-Fi Connection on Your Cannon Printer

Before accessing ij.start.canon, your printer must be well-connected to the Wifi. So, take a look at the full-proof steps that are given below:

  • Visit ij.start.canon and download the Canon driver.

  • Install and Select connection type – Double-tap on file and select wireless or USB connection.

  • Turn ON the Canon printer – Press the button to turn on the printer.

  • To commence the network configuration process, you have to turn on the printer by pressing the Power button. The Power LED light must be stable and solid green.

  • Now, press the Menu button and the Network Settings screen will come into view.

  • Here you will see distinct options for establishing a connection. Select Wireless LAN Settings option and a pop-up box will be seen on your printer screen. Tap OK.

  • Choose the SSID Settings option and following this, select Access Point. Select your favored network name and input the Wifi security key

  • Hold on till the printer screen says Connected. Then tap OK

Step-by-Step Guidelines for Installing the Printer Driver

Below is the step by steup guide on how to install the Canon printer drivers successfully. Read the steps very carefully for the successful installation of the canon printer driver. Here is the concise, detailed, and complete procedure of printer driver installation for usa.canon.com setup:

  • Firstly, you need to customize the file location. The process is simple - access the download folder to run the downloaded file.

  • Double-click on the ij.start canon setup file to run the file pr right-click on the file then click on run, the files will start extacting.

  • You will see the main interface of Canon driver steup on your computer screen. Verify your preferred language and now you can operate the software to give commands to your Canon printer. Then click next.

  • Enable the desired checkboxes of the software package. Make sure that you have enough storage space on your computer to download the canon printer driver. Then click next.

  • Software license agreement window will pop up in front of you. You can read the statements of the software agreement. Click on accept and the installation process will be started.

  • After the successful installation of the canon printer driver, its time to test the functioning of the printer by giving some canon printer commands and print a page.

  • Make Sure your printer tray have some A4 size pages, click on the execute button and your printer will start printing.

  • This concludes the driver setup via ij.start.cannon.

Set up a Canon inkjet printer - ij.start cannon

Want to setup a Canon inkjet printer - ij.start.canon. Follow the below steps to start setting up your Cannon ij printer.

  • Firstly open your PC or Laptop

  • Now connect your Canon Ink jet printer to your PC or laptop or with any other wireless device(in case you have a canon wireless device)

  • Launch the web browser and enter ij.start.canon or https://ij.start.canon in the address bar of your web browser and hit enter

  • The canon website will open and you can read the steps to setup a canon inkjet printer

  • Click on the congure icon and wait for a few moments and a new window will open and that will ask you to enter your printer model number.

  • Now enter your Canon printer model number and hit enter to install the setup.

What are the traits that make Canon Printers the best?

You must know that there are tons of printer models that Canon manufactures and offers. However, all the models have some different features that distinguish them from the other and some features that are the same in all of them. So, before we jump to tell you how important installing the printer drivers on ij start cannon is, let’s give you a few reasons (same in every printer) to choose Canon:

  • The printed output has a magnificent print resolution.

  • It has two ink cartridges- Black and Color, for your print choice.

  • It offers a great Mono Print Speed, Color Print Speed.

  • The Photo Print Speed may differ in borderless prints based on its type

  • It offers all print results to be borderless by default

  • Users may even go for flawless two-sided printing

What is the system compatibility for Canon Printers?

Majority of Canon printers are compatible with Windows 10 and other versions of windows. A number of Canon products that are compatible with Windows 10 or don't support Windows 10 devices running snapdragon. Certain rules or properties of each electronic product decide which devices or operating systems are safe and compatible. Likewise, this part of the read will familiarize you with the system compatibility for Canon Printers so that we can take you to ij.start.cannon:

Mac OS X

Windows 10

Understanding the steps for installing the printer drivers

Now we have successfully downloaded and installed the canon printer drivers. It's time to go through the installation procedure for the same. Below steps will help you to install canon printer drivers:

  • This is where you’d have to get into your “Downloads” folder for running the files if you didn’t customize the file location for downloading them. Go for a double click on the Canon print Driver setup file and hit on the option that reads “Run” to get on with extracting the files as fast as possible.

  • Your screen will display the Canon driver Setup, where you’d have to verify the language of your choice for further operations on the software to command your Canon Printer Setup. Once you’ve chosen it, hit on “Next” to move forth in the process.

  • So, this is the step where you’d have to link your wireless Canon printer and your computer. You can choose between connecting them both with a USB connector or any wireless connection method. On completing the linking procedure, you have to settle on your Printer model, which will then display the drivers and other software lists.

  • Move on to enabling all the preferred checkboxes of the package, post-ensuring that your computer has enough space to download the printer drivers. Then place a hit on the “Next” tab and move to ij start cannon to set it up.

  • When you are prompted with the License Agreement window, you must ensure that you thoroughly go through the document to avoid any disruptions in the future. Once you agree to it, ij.start.cannon will automatically begin the installation procedure for the selected printer drivers.

  • Wait till it is over and then begin testing the success of the driver setup procedure. You can do this by printing a test page. Put some A4 printing sheets on the tray and go to execute the task. If you get a positive result, it would mean that the setup has been successful.