Canon Printer Setup - Download & Install Canon Printer Drivers

Canon is a well-known manufacturer of business and personal items such as printers, cameras, and other electronics. Thus, canon printers are being used by millions of people worldwide and are regarded as the greatest printing machine. Therefore, the users who have purchased a new Canon printer must go through the Canon printer setup procedure.

The official website for the setup procedure is ij.start.cannon. If a user is unable to complete the setup procedure, they should refer to the instructions below. Hence, through the below-discussed setup guide, it would get easy for all users to carry out the setup procedure. Although the setup procedure is simple and easy, if any user fails to perform the setup procedure must contact the canon customer service team.

To finish the setup process, users must first download and install the Canon printer drivers. Therefore, to download and install the Canon printer drivers, go to the official website and follow the on-screen instructions. Additionally, the users can also download the canon printer drivers by following the prompts provided below.

Canon Printer Setup Procedure

Canon printer drivers are software installed on the user’s system and allow the printer to recognize the print instruction. However, the users must download and install the Canon printer drivers on their system. So, all users should follow the steps outlined below to obtain the latest and updated Canon printer drivers.

Note: It is necessary to download and install the latest canon printer drivers to execute the canon printer setup procedure. So, scroll down and apply the steps mentioned below to complete the setup process easily.

Canon Printer Drivers Download Procedure

  • Go to a web browser.

  • Then visit the official webpage, i.e., ij.start.cannon, to get the latest and updated canon printer drivers.

  • After this, the users are advised to wait and let the official website open.

  • Once the canon printer setup opens on the screen, the users are recommended to click on the “Setup” option.

  • Note: Users can read more about the Canon printer by selecting the “Read Online Manual” option.

  • Note: Users can check the details of the functions they can perform with the Canon printer under “See suggested functions.”

  • Note: Users can fix typical Canon printer errors in the “Frequently Asked Questions” section.

  • Users can also modify the language.

  • Users unfamiliar with how to operate a Canon printer should consult the “How to Print” under the “Notes on Site Usage and Cookies” section of ij.start.cannon.

  • After selecting the “Setup” option, the user must either search for the product name or choose from a list of available printers.

  • Note: There is an option available, “Where to find your product name,” where users can easily look for the product name.

  • The setup window will appear on the screen once the user selects or inputs the product name.

  • Then select “Download” from the drop-down menu.

  • The “.exe” file will then begin to download onto the system.

  • Then the users are advised to wait for the file to get downloaded on the system.

  • Once the file gets downloaded, move further with the canon printer driver installation procedure.

Steps to Install Canon Printer Drivers

To install the Canon printer drivers on the system, users need to follow the steps outlined below. So, scroll down and follow the actions outlined below.

  • First of all, the users are suggested to tap the downloaded file, i.e., “.exe.”

  • Then, the downloaded file will open.

  • After this, the “User Account Control” window will get displayed.

  • Then the users are recommended to tap on the “Yes” button.

  • After that, the start setup window will open.

  • Then the users are advised to hit on the “Continue” button.

  • Now click on the “Next” button.

  • Note: It will collect the details of the latest canon printer software and drivers.

  • Now the users will be asked to “Select country or region.”

  • Then after choosing the country or region, the users are suggested to hit on the “Next” option to proceed ahead.

  • After this, the “License Agreement” window will open.

  • Now the users will have to tap on the “Yes” option.

  • Note: Look after the license agreement and click on the “Yes” option.

  • After this, the users are recommended to click on the “Agree” button.

  • Then, it will begin to start for the printer status.

  • Now the users are supposed to click on the “Select the connection method” option.

  • Then the users are recommended to select the one from the three options, i.e., “Wi-Fi Connection,” “Wired LAN Connection,” “USB Connection.”

  • Then the users are recommended to select the connection method.

The Canon printer setup procedure is thus completed after selecting the connection method. Hope the following instructions helped the users easily complete the Canon printer setup procedure using ij.start.cannon. If users get stuck during the setup process, they must contact the Canon customer service team for assistance.