I Got To Do This With My Kids

Videos (< 2 mins) are listed first, followed by the student PDF


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01_Investigate and Discover Properties of Inverse Functions                   01_Student_PDF    01_TEACHER_PDF

02_Investigate Inverse Functions Using Graphs                                                            02_Student_PDF     02_TEACHER_PDF

03_Investigate Inverse Functions Using Tables                                                              03_Student_PDF     03_TEACHER_PDF

04 Is the square root of (x^2) = x?                                                                                                   04_Student_PDF     04_TEACHER_PDF

05 Is the (square root of x)^2 = x?                                                                                                    05_Student_PDF    05_TEACHER_PDF

06 Graph Inverses Using Parametrics                                                                      06_ Student_PDF   06_TEACHER_PDF

07 Graph Trig Inverses Using Parametrics                                                             07_Student_PDF  07_TEACHER_PDF

08 Transformations as Composition of Functions 1of 2                                08_Student_PDF  08_TEACHER_PDF

09 Transformations as Composition of Functions 2 of 2                               09_Student_PDF  09_TEACHER_PDF

10 Transformations as Composition for Sinusoids                                           10_Student_PDF  10_TEACHER_PDF

11 First Derivative Test Visualize Relative Extrema                                       11_Student_PDF  11_TEACHER_PDF

12 First Derivative Test Visualize Inc Dec Function Intervals                  12_Student_PDF  12_TEACHER_PDF

13 Visually Connect Concavity to 2nd Derivative                                            13_Student_PDF  13_TEACHER_PDF

14_Zoom_Previous_Is_Like_Using_Undo                                                                            14_Student_PDF  14_TEACHER_PDF

15_Create_and_Store_Your_Favorite_Window_Settings                                   15_Student_PDF  15_TEACHER_PDF

16_Illustrate_Infinite_Solutions_of_Systems_Using_Lists                       16_Student_PDF 16_TEACHER_PDF

17_ Sequences_Series_Sigma_Notation                                                                     17_Student_PDF 17_TEACHER_PDF

18_ Derive_Summation_Formulas_Creatively                                                       18_Student_PDF 18_TEACHER_PDF

19_Complex_Number_Arithmetic_&_Discover_Powers_of_i                       19_Student_PDF 19_TEACHER_PDF

20_Linear_Programming_01_Graph_the_Feasible_Region       20_Student_PDF 20_TEACHER_PDF

21_Linear_Programming_02_Optimize_Objective_Function                       21_Student_PDF 21_TEACHER_PDF

22_Intersection_Coordinates_Are_Auto_Stored                                                 22_Student_PDF 22_TEACHER_PDF

23_Generate_Recursive_Sequences_Including_Fibonacci                       23_Student_PDF 23_TEACHER_PDF

24_Limits_Asymptotes_Rational_Functions                                                       24_Student_PDF 24_TEACHER_PDF

25_Lists_as_Spreadsheets_on_the_TI-84                                                               25_Student_PDF 25_TEACHER_PDF

26_Use_Programs_to_Put_Data_into_Lists                                                     26_Student_PDF 26_TEACHER_PDF

27 -3^2 = ?                                                                                                                                                         27_Student_PDF  27_TEACHER_PDF

IGTDTWM2 program - allows you to preload equations, windows, etc. to quicken the experience!

Special for MMC: 4 programs: ILLINOIS, PERAMPE2, RESETGR2, IGTDTWM2 - all in one zip folder!

PDF of the MMC presentation

Special for KCM: link to the KENTUCKY program for the TI-84 CE

Tips and Tricks on the TI-84 - 16 tips with videos and step-by-step PDFs

TI-Connect CE software - allows you to put programs on your 84 from your computer. Use the 'CE' version! 

Any tech questions about TI products - Call:  1.800.TI.CARES   (800.842.2737)