Promoting healthy lifestyle

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Mental health and well-being

Feeling well in the mind, with a positive outlook and a sense of your own value is considered a positive status of mental health.

On the other side feeling stressed means that you are in a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.

The causes of stress are, for example, disorder, depression, overwhelmed.

But how can we handle stress? We can give you some advices to follow:

S = schedule- it's important manage and schedule your time

T = time- take time for yourself and grow your hobbies

R = relax- sometime release your mind

E = emotion- talk about your emotions and how do you feel

S = sport- practice sport is a good way to get rid of stress

S = sleep- a restful person is less stressed

Physical health and well-being

Being well in the body and free from injury and illness is considered a positive status of physical health.

The most important physical aspect is fitness, that is the ability to cope with the demands of the environment.

Other aspects of physical health are:

-Having an healthy diet

-Taking regular exercises

-Being physically fit

Social health and well-being

A social sense of involvement with family, friends and others in the community is considered a positive status of social health.

Some aspects of social health and well-being are:

- Having a boyfriend or girlfriend

- Spending a lot of time with friends

- Spending time with your family

- Be supportive to other people

Poster - How our students encourage people staying healthy -

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World Health Organisation's functions

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