My current availability, through the end of January 2019, is very limited (part time) as I have a full time job commitment allowing me to be available mostly nights and weekends. After January 31st, 2019, my availability for flight instruction will be opened greatly as I transition from my current job to full time instructing.

I use the Square Appointments app to allow students to schedule training sessions. Please select the approximate time block below that you'd like to schedule and you will be directed to the Square Appointments site to see availability and schedule your training session.

Ground/Flight Instruction is currently billed at $60/hour. This is subject to change. Please text if you will be late (anything beyond 15 minutes starts the meter). No shows will be charged for 1 hour of time. If weather or other factors are of concern, please call or text at least 60 minutes prior to reservation. In most cases I prefer to keep the appointment and do a ground lesson if possible.