Data Programming with Python


This is a 2-day introductory course to Python. Given the short timeframe, the emphasis in this course will be more practical than theoretical. The material for this workshop was taken primarily from 3 sources:

I like xkcd cartoons a lot -- you may see more of them! To see the original cartoon, go here. This cartoon is referring to Python's ease of use and relatively small learning curve. Python is considered one of the easier programming languages to start using because it uses simple and consistent syntax (the rules that define what is "correct" in the language).

This website will be the main point for sharing information for this class. You should be able to access it even after the class has ended, and I hope it will be a resource for you as you continue your journey of learning to program in Python.

About Me:

I just finished my 3rd year as a graduate student in the Paul G Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering. I did not follow a direct route to computer science. Before I started my current program, I was a graduate student in pathobiology. While taking programming classes as a student in that program (in order to be able to RNA sequencing analysis work), I realized that I wanted to study CS more than I wanted to study biology. My pre-UW background was just as convoluted:

  • graduated with a BS in Materials Science & Engineering
  • worked as a process engineer for a short time
  • went to medical school & did half of a family practice residency
  • homeschooled the 3 kids above for > 10 years
  • started teaching at local community colleges
  • finally, became a graduate student at UW

Ultimate goal: Finish my current program and teach computer science full-time.

Please feel free to chat with me about any parts of this varied past that interest you or that you think might be helpful to you.