Department of Basic Science and Humanities

About the Department

Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata was established with an aim of providing quality higher education with international standards. The Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities is the First Year Phase of every student studying in the Engineering field. Our department focuses on the proper upbringing of the students from the basic level and it has a plethora of experienced and learned teachers who strongly and constantly nurture the students. This department strives to reach out to the zenith of perfection through an earnest academic pursuit for excellence. The highly motivated youngsters of the campus are the constant source of our pride. In order to encourage the students to participate in various departmental activities, our college gives access to students to make use of the multiple facilities provided in the campus. Our campus has a cosmopolitan atmosphere with students from all corners of the globe. The concerned faculties always take care for an individual’s holistic development to make a fruitful contribution to the society.

Message from the Head of the Department : Prof. Prabir Kumar Das

Welcome to the Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities at Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata. We at IEM believe that research and teaching go hand in hand and thus practice research-driven teaching. This way we keep our students aware of the current technological developments. Our faculty members have excellent academic credentials and are regarded highly in their respective subjects. The department not only offers the students to explore fundamental knowledge of prescribed syllabus but also promotes applied and interdisciplinary research by organising various International conferences & competitions . We also emphasize on the overall personality and soft skill development through interactive sessions taken by faculties & eminent speakers.

We look forward towards success of our students with determination & dedication because for us

"Sky’s the limit!"

Vision of the Department

The vision of Basic Science and Humanities Department is to provide a comprehensive outcome based education and build a strong foundation in mathematics, natural sciences, and humanities that prepares students to be successful and responsible engineers who can make a positive impact on the society.

Mission of the Department