Idylla County:

The Hinterland of Vitalis

Idylla County Welcome

Welcome traveler! Peace and prosperity to you. Please, make yourself at home in Idylla.

As the "The Hinterland" of the Duchy of Vitalis, Idylla offers the best in hospitality and opportunity. Enjoy our finest taverns and inns while sipping Idyllan wines and eating cheeses, fruits, honeys and breads. Travel the countryside for our fantastic vistas of golden wheat fields and lush orchards of apples and grapes. Visit Faireweald Festival with all its wonder of merchant wares and dancing bears! Watch and wager or compete for glory in the Tendays Tourney. Make your home in Idylla with a quaint craft cottage or fertile farm, plenty of property to make your home in the cities as well.

You will never forget your visit: "The Idyllan way, the only way."

The Idyllan Community

Idylla County is home to a community of gamers on the Luna server of Chronicles of Elyria; players range from all across the USA. We are located within the Duchy of Vitalis, part of the Kingdom of Alesia. Our county is home to lakes and rivers, fields and farmland, and other abundant resources, such as minerals, wood, and stone. Home to several tribes, Idylla hosts a majority Waerd population, with both Neran and Kypiq in lesser amounts. The capital settlement of Rivercross is home to the county seat, where Count Kidakimbo administers to his county and people.

Idylla supports 10 settlements of varying sizes, several guilds, associations, and organizations, and faiths of Al'tifali, Virtori, and Faedin. Located centrally to the continent of Luna, as well at the center of the Duchy of Vitalis, Idylla County is a hub for internal trade within the duchy and a trade stop for transcontinental trade. The river and lake system around Idylla affords a means of water trade alongside land trade; this inner economy booms with activity as citizens ply their trade or profession.

Idylla Discord

A friendly community.

Join us for further discussion and community involvement in our Discord Channel.

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