Illuminating Learning Pathways

EduCo is a boutique Instruction Design and Learning Experience studio that creates effective and engaging learning experiences that help people acquire new knowledge and skills. 

Hi, I am Shenice. 

I am a dedicated Learner Experience Designer with a passion for transforming educational journeys. 

My portfolio showcases my commitment to improving learning across various levels and settings, from K-12 to higher education, corporate training to online courses. 

If you value education's potential to shape the future, join me in redefining the way we learn and teaching for the future through innovative experiences. 

Explore my portfolio, and together, let's embark on a path of educational excellence. 






Transformative Experiences

Website| Best Academy

Project Details

Type: Website Build

Client: Academic Institution

Customer Training | Ariza 

Project Details

Type: Mini Course

Client: Financial Institution

Biology Module| EduCo

Project Details

Type: ELearning Module

Client: Academic Institution

Paper Work| MOE 

Project Details

Type: Need Analysis

Client: Government 



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