How It Works


  • Choose the categories you want to volunteer for
  • When the need arises, the coordinator will send out a mass email to the people that volunteered for that category to see who is available
  • Check out the "Bulletin Board" on the IDoMitzvah home page for quick updates on volunteering opportunities in the community

Need Help

  • Please understand that IDoMitzvah is not intended to provide financial aid or professional help.
  • Fill in your name and email address/phone number
  • An IDoMitzvah staff member will contact you for more information and coordinate a volunteer for you
  • We do not guarantee a volunteer will be available for your task but we will do our best

Student Community Service

  • When signing up for "Volunteering", check on "Student Community Service box"
  • Students looking for community services opportunities will be on the first priority list for volunteers