Workshop Themes

Themes of the workshop

To achieve the goals of the workshop the following themes of research shall be pursued (but not limited to):

· Digitization Technologies and their transformative effects: artificial intelligence, smart contracts, blockchains, digital assistants

· New Digital Business Models: Platforms, Distributed Ledgers, etc.

· Digital Transformation of processes, services, decisions

· Digitatization in new contexts: Internet of Things, Social Information Systems, Augmented and Virtual Reality

· Methods for Engineering Digital Enterprises

· Applications of Digital Enterprise Architectures in different industry sectors (e.g., Tourism/Hospitality, Manufacturing, Finance, Logistics, Retailing, etc.)

· Frameworks for the Design of Digital Enterprise Architectures

· Alignment of the enterprise goals and strategies with the digital enterprise architecture

· Design approaches for digital enterprise architecture

· Architectural patterns for service-orientation, cloud-computing, big data, mobile or the internet of things

· Mapping of digital enterprise architecture to cloud-based enterprise resources and big data

· Management of digital enterprise architecture

· Domain-specific application architectures

· Architecture Management for the digitization of business models and business processes

· Impact of digitization on society and economy

· Security in Digital Architectures