Child-Robot Interaction:

Present and Future Relationships

Workshop @ ICSR 2020

Welcome to the CRI: Present and Future Relationships Workshop!

Child-robot interaction (CRI) is an emerging field encompassing disciplines such as healthcare, education, and entertainment, however, it brings numerous challenges to researchers. Robots will become more pervasive in society, playing different roles from tutors to physical therapy assistants to playmates, to name a few. The relationship between children and robots starts before the actual interaction. Researchers are faced with the question of when to involve children in this process. Children are cognitively immature, and their perspectives on robots are different from adults. How are children's perceptions, expectations, and perspectives influencing the field, and how is CRI impacting children's cognitive development? These are the questions are yet to be answered.

This half-day workshop aims to bring researchers, practitioners, and pioneers from relevant disciplines to this platform to have in-depth discussions on various aspects of CRI, such as potentials, challenges, and related opportunities to keep children in the loop. In addition, what do experts in the field think about CRI's future, the impact of growing up with robots, and the effects of this interaction in design and development.

Topics of Interest

We encourage participants to submit their research work related to the field of CRI including but not limited to the following topics:

  • Experiments involving children and robots.

  • Challenges of safe child-robot interaction.

  • Robot designs for child-robot interactions.

  • Children’s involvement in design and development.

  • Children’s perception of the Robot (measuring, evaluating, and interpreting).

  • Children’s taking the robot’s perspective (Spatial, Affective, and Cognitive).

  • Future relationships with robots.

  • Children’s expectations for future interactions.

  • The impact of robot on children’s cognitive development.

  • Ethical Concern.