ICRA2020 Workshop on Robustness in robot manipulation: How do we scale to 99.xxx%

Full day workshop on June 4 2020 in Paris.

Important dates:

  • Submission deadline: April 10
  • Notification of acceptance: April 17
  • Final version submitted: April 30
  • Workshop: June 4

Recent years have seen noticeable acceleration in the research efforts and achievements in intelligent manipulation. Significant advances have been made in areas including perception-guided motion, learning control, novel motion planning and trajectory generation techniques. But, in general, the practical impact of intelligent manipulation on daily life and commercialization has been minor. However, these new developments have the potential to power a wave of new applications for robotics in new and existing markets. In order to have an impact outside the lab, a crucial factor that is often overlooked is the reliability and robustness of the system. Careful consideration and attention to these important factors is needed, if researchers want to have an impact beyond the academic community to satisfy the continuously rising demand for flexible and intelligent robots for real world applications.

This workshop will gather stakeholders from the academia and industry, and discuss topics such as: What are important factors commonly overlooked in academic research? Which components need to come together to achieve 99.xxx robustness in manipulation tasks? And many others. The discussion will be supported by a series of invited talks and a round table discussion with world class experts. The workshop will feature an interactive poster session where we invite research from the broad area of intelligent manipulation, with a focus on work that emphasizes reliability and robustness.

Confirmed invited speakers

  • Ken Goldberg, UC Berkeley
  • Rainer Bischoff, KUKA
  • Melanie Zeilinger, ETH Zurich
  • Raia Hadsell, Deepmind
  • Jan Peters, TU Darmstadt
  • Arne Wahrburg, ABB