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International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring System 2023

June 2-5, 2023 - Corfu, Greece, 

ITS2023 is the upcoming Conference of the series of Intelligent Tutoring Systems Conferences on Computer and Cognitive Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning in Tutoring and Education. ITS2023 will be held in Corfu, Greece, from June 2 to June 5, 2023.  ITS is evolving to a new concept of Artificial Intelligence which can be found in various disciplines and can serve human education and well-being.

International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education 2023

July 3-7, 2023 - Tokyo, Japan

The AIED Society organizes the AIED conference, which is aimed at advancing the science and engineering of intelligent human-technology ecosystems that support learning. This year's theme is "AI in Education for Sustainable Society." A sustainable society is driven by the principle of realizing peace and prosperity for all people and the planet with an inclusiveness that “leaves no one behind.”

Educational Data Mining Conference 2023 

July 11 - 14, 2023 - Bengaluru, India

Educational Data Mining is a leading international forum for high-quality research that mines datasets to answer educational research questions, including exploring how people learn and how they teach. These data may originate from various learning contexts, including learning and information management systems, interactive learning environments, intelligent tutoring systems, educational games, and data-rich learning activities. The overarching goal of the Educational Data Mining research community is to support learners and teachers more effectively by developing data-driven understandings of the learning and teaching processes in a wide variety of contexts and for diverse learners.

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