Icee Studios

Welcome to Icee Studios where we care about quality sound at an affordable price. We offer mixing and mastering services at a rate of $40 per track. Many people have access to decent enough recording equipment or a local studio. It is possible to get a professional sound out of most of these set ups but it does require a professional ear for mixing and mastering. That's where we come in. Record your track to the best of your ability. Do all the edits needed to the track and then send the stems/multitrack to us. Not only will we mix and master your song professionally but will also provide feedback on the recording itself.

Quality In, Quality Out

Make sure of the following things when recording and preparing your song to send to us for mix and master:

  • No clipping: Make sure that none of the tracks are clipping. When recording in 24 bit there is no need to record with levels so hot.
  • Get the multitrack/stems: If you made the instrumental or if you bought it, for the best possible sound send also the multitrack/stems. It does not matter how nice the instrumental may be mixed, it is no longer mixed when vocals are added. Please send the multitrack for the best mix!
  • Mic Isolation: Consider using something that isolates the mic from its surrounding for the vocals. We are partial to the Kaotica Eyeball.

What to expect

If you follow all of the steps above you should expect the following:

  • Dynamics: Now that most streaming sites incorporate a version of normalization to keep playback levels the same between tracks, there is no advantage to getting your track as loud as possible. This means that your track can retain some great dynamics and still sound just as loud as the next track that is smashed to the point that there are no dynamics.
  • Clarity: Your track will have a nice clear sound lacking muddiness from unintentional distortion.
  • Tonal Balance: Your track will sound good on speakers, monitors, headphones, and car speakers because of the tonal balance.

Send us your tracks!

Send your wav format multitrack/stems zipped in one folder per song to

If you have questions about the process feel free to email, call, or text: