How to know if you and your child is ready for compeition team. 


Dance Competition Team Information Sheet

ICE Studios Dance Team Class Policy

At ICE Studios, we are committed to providing our Competition Team members with the best possible dance education and training. To enhance their skills and growth as dancers, we have established the following class policy:

Class Recommendations:

Benefits of Additional Classes:

Attendance Expectations:

We understand that our Competition Team members have busy schedules, but participating in additional classes can significantly contribute to their growth and success as dancers. It is our goal to support their dance journey and help them reach new heights in their artistic and technical abilities.

Attendance Policy for Dance Competition Team

At ICE STUDIOS DANCE TEAM, we prioritize commitment and dedication to the Dance Competition Team. Regular attendance is crucial for the team's success, growth, and the development of each individual dancer. Please review the following attendance policy:

Attendance Guidelines:

Excused Absences: Excused absences are allowed under the following circumstances and must be communicated in advance whenever possible:

Unexcused Absences: Unexcused absences include, but are not limited to:

Health Considerations:


Pre-Competition Practice:

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we encourage open communication. Please inform the Dance Team Director or relevant instructor as soon as possible in case of an unavoidable absence.

Hip Hop Dance Competition Attire 

At our dance studio, we want our hip hop dancers to feel comfortable, confident, and ready to showcase their skills. To maintain a professional and cohesive appearance during competitions, we have established the following attire rules for our hip hop dance class participants:

1. Tops:

2. Bottoms:

3. Shoes:

4. Hair and Accessories:

5. No Costume Jewelry:

6. Studio Apparel:

7. Team Uniforms:

Costume Policy

We are thrilled to embark on an exciting dance journey with our talented dance team for the 2023-2024 season. As we prepare for performances, competitions, and recitals, please take note of the following costume policy:

Costume Details:

Shoes and Tights:

Additional Costume Contributions:

Additional Shoe Costs:


Warm-Up Attire:

Warm-Up Cost:

Protecting Costumes:

Returning Members:

Makeup Requirements:

Purchasing Makeup Kits:

Competition Policy

We are excited for the upcoming competition season with our talented dance team. Please review the following important information regarding competitions:

Number of Competitions:

Mandatory Attendance:

Consequences for Non-Attendance:

Competition Scheduling:

Performance Schedule:

Competition Scoring:

Representation and Behavior:

Competitions are a fantastic opportunity for our dancers to showcase their talents and hard work. Your dedication, punctuality, and professionalism contribute to a successful and enjoyable competition experience for the entire team.


Competition team members only will be eligible to participate in a fundraiser in the fall. All profit earned will be credited to each

student’s individual account. This credit will be deducted from the following month(s)’s automatic payment amount.

Accounts Policy:

Recital Participation:

Special Performances:

As representatives of ICE Studios to the community, members of the competition team are highly regarded for their dedication and talent.

We believe that adhering to these policies fosters responsibility, discipline, and unity within our dance team. By working together, we can create a positive and enriching experience for all our students.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies or any other aspect of our dance program, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We are excited to share this incredible journey with you and look forward to witnessing the talent and dedication of our ICE Studios Dance Team in all their performances and special events!


●  Photos/videos of costumes and choreography may not be posted until the end of the competition season. This protects the dancers and choreographers.

●  Dancers will wear their team jacket on stage for every competition awards ceremony.

●  Dancers will not miss more than 3 team rehearsals or classes within the season. Any miss pertaining to school for a grade will be communicated to the directors/teachers with notice and will not count against you. If you are sick, please take the miss and stay home.

●  The last rehearsal before any competition is mandatory. A miss on the last rehearsal before each competition may result in you being pulled from that piece and you will not be guaranteed to be put back in.

●  Dancers need to be able to dance 100% four weeks before any competition (regarding healed injuries). Any injuries need to be communicated to the directors/teachers so we can make a plan based on Doctor’s orders/recommendations.

●  Mini team requirements are a combo class 

●  Classes offered at ICE STUDIOS are expected to be taken at ICE STUDIOS. If there is a class not currently offered, talk to the Artistic Director to see if we can generate enough interest to warrant adding that class. If we are unable to do so, you may take that class elsewhere as a supplement.

●  Dancers may be asked to cover tattoos and piercings for performances. No nail polish allowed.

●  Dancers must use the team make up. See the Competition Team Director for color matches that also work to ensure we look the same on stage.


  Tuition: Monthly class dues, company is an 8 -month commitment, so tuition will be due Oct through May. Please see your company contract for more information. 

  Competition/Convention fees throughout the competition year. THIS YEAR: 3 competitions plus 1 convention.

  Costumes per dance. These will be worn at every competition and at our year end recital. Our competition costume prices may vary as from $75-$200. Under all circumstances, I try and keep the cost down to the minimum possible. We have even recycled costumes and we have bought used costumes whenever possible. Sometimes this can’t be avoided and a custom costume will have to be made, but a budget will be put into place.  

  Make up/Accessories/Shoes: These items may or may not have to be purchased for the competition season. A list of items that will be needed will be handed out for each dance for competition. These items will also be worn all year



We are available to you. We want to give exceptional service to both our dancers and their families, but in order to maintain the highest level of support, we have established certain standards for studio contact.

• All non-urgent topics should be sent to so that we can promptly respond to everyone's inquiries, concerns, and requests. ONLY billing concerns and inquiries should be sent to

• Calls and text messages should be reserved for emergencies only.

• Please be conscious of the time while phoning or sending text messages; if you need help outside of business hours or on Sundays, please submit any contact through email.

All communication should be directed to • The Front Desk Attendant should only be contacted for billing issues/questions or if information was given out stating to contact her; all correspondence should be in the form of an email. She has a full-time job and her own company, so please be sensitive to her time.

Our objective as parents and instructors is to assist these young dancers develop into excellent young people who are prepared to leave their impact on the world, whether in the dance world or the corporate world. We will be pleased to have assisted them along the road. Therefore, we appreciate the opportunity to educate your kid in the area of dance.

Once you are placed in routines, there is no “OPTING OUT”.  

Please note: The choreographers/directors/teachers will place you in routines/genres that you are best suited for. Not everyone will be used in every number. We need a mix of large and small groups.



Being a member of the ICE STUDIOS  team should be your top priority among all extra-­curricular activities. We expect rehearsals and competitions to take precedence over your other extra-­curricular activities.

If you cannot make that commitment, please reconsider. being on the team.

All choreography set for Dance Unlimited remains the property of ICE STUDIOS and the choreographer



The ICE STUDIOS Competition Team requires a one-dance commitment from auditions to recital and/or Nationals 2024. If, for any reason, your dancer is unable to fulfill their commitment, you will not be reimbursed for any fees already paid, and you will be responsible for the rest of the year financially. This includes but is not limited to costumes, choreography fees, and/or entry fees. You may not be allowed to re-audition for the following season.

Costumes remain the property of Ice Studios until the end of the season. If you are dismissed, your costume may be used to have another dancer step in. It will be returned to you at the end of the season.

Team Activities: 

Team Levels, Auditions & Placement: