11-12 August 2023

2023 International Conference on AI for a Sustainable Society - Frontier Research, Policy, and Practice

2023 AI 引領永續社會國際學術研討會暨政策實務論壇

Academic Activities Center, Academia Sinica

中央研究院 學術活動中心

News 最新消息

The 2023 International Conference on AI for a Sustainable Society will be held at Academia Sinica on August 11-12. Topics related to AI for a sustainable society are invited to submit. Topics on AI Ethics and Sustainability, AI for ESG, AI for the Long-term Future, AI for Education, AI and Application Trends are especially welcomed. Prominent papers presented in the conference would be recommended for publishing in the special issue of our collaborative journals.

Conference Manual ➤ https://pse.is/588m7p


Theme 研討會主題

The Innovation, Vision, and Challenges of AI Technology for a Sustainable Society in the Digital Age

AI 科技在數位世代永續社會發展的創新、願景與挑戰

AI Ethics and Sustainability

 - Trustworthy and Responsible AI

 - Diversity and Inclusion of AI in the Digital Age

 - AI powered Fairness and equality

 - Accountability and Governance of AI

 - Ethics of AI (and Robots) for a Sustainable Society

AI for ESG

 - AI facilitated ESG and Green Finance

 - AI powered Sustainability Rating for Responsible Investing

 - AI in Anti-Money-Laundry and Crime Prevention

 - Smart (Systemic/Systematic) Risk Management via AI

 - AI Integrated Disaster prevention

 - AI and Resilience of Society

● AI for the Long-term Future

 - Promoting Peace with AI

 - AI for Common Good and Sustainable Well-being (Living)

 - Contemporary Potential Threats and Challenges of AI

 - Other AI- or Sustainable Society Related Topics

AI for Education

 - AI in Sustainable Education

 - The Future Smart Learning Environment in the Digital Age

 - Sustainability of Higher Education, USR and IR Researches

● AI and Application Trends

 - Data science for supporting AI

 - Generative AI in Sustainability Applications

 - Service Science for Design Sustainable AI



Keynote Speech 專題演講



Prof. Hiroaki Ogata

Kyoto University (京都大學)

Prof. Tatsunori Matsui

Waseda University (早稻田大學)

Dr. Micheline Ayoub

Executive Director, Sustainability in the Digital Age, Canada)



Venue 活動地點

Academic Activities Center, Academia Sinica

中央研究院 學術活動中心


公車:205、212、212直、212區、270、276、306、620、645、小12、藍25、679、小5、小1 (中研院站)

火車:南港站換乘公車 > > 306、205、276、小12、212、679、小5 (中研院站)



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