Institute of Brain Research and Integrated Neuropsychological Services

The Institute of Brain Research and Integrated Neuropsychological Service ( is located in San Diego, California and is dedicated to serving the community by providing the highest level of care to patients who are suffering from major and mild neurocognitive disorders. The team include Dr. Alexander O. Hauson and Dr. Michael J. Taylor who co-direct the institute by doing research on topics such as the neurocognitive impact of depression, substance use, and other biological and psychiatric disorders. Drs. Hauson and Taylor are involved in clinical work and see patients or supervise students who are seeing patients in the clinic.

One mandate of is to provide a holistic approach to neurocognitive disorder. Ms. Ava Torre-Bueno, LCSW is involved in providing psychotherapy to disorders that often co-exist with neurocognitive disorders (depression, grief, care-giving stress).

Our graduate students and postdoctoral team members are highly involved in both the research and clinical work under supervision. Please visit their private pages, for more information about their specialties.