14th Ukraine Algebra Conference
July 3-7, 2023

The 14th Ukraine Algebra Conference will be held on July 3-7, 2023 at Sumy State Pedagogical University named after A.S. Makarenko (Sumy, Ukraine) in online form. 



 Rings, Modules, Representations
 Groups, Semigroups and Algebraic Systems
 Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory
 Computer Algebra and Discrete Mathematics


Yuriy Drozd  (Chairman of International Scientific Committee of the XIV UAC, 

Institute of Mathematics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine)
Hiraku Nakajima (President of the IMU, University of Tokyo, Japan)

Oksen Lisovyi (Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ukraine)

Vladimir Drinfeld
Fields,  University of Chicago, USA

Yuriy Lyannoy
Rector, Sumy State Pedagogical University named after A.S. Makarenko, Ukraine

Cedric Villani
Fields, Institute of Advanced Scientific Studies, France

Volodymyr Bugrov
Rector, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine

Efim Zelmanov
Fields, SUSTech University, China

Alexander Timokha
Director, Institute of Mathematics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine


Nicolás Andruskiewitsch

National University of Cordoba, Argentina

Tomoyuki Arakawa

Kyoto University, Japan

Taras Banakh
Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine 

Volodymyr Bavula

University of Sheffield, UK

Michel Van den Bergh

Hasselt University, Belgium

Oksana Bezushchak
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine 

Igor Burban

University of Paderborn, Germany

Yuriy Drozd

Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine

Pavel Etingof

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Vyacheslav Futorny

SUSTech University, China 

Rostislav Grigorchuk

Texas A&M University, USA

Mikhael Gromov

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences,
New York, USA 

Harald Andrés Helfgott

Georg August University of Göttingen, Germany,
Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu, France 

Zbigniew Jelonek

Institute of Mathematics Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Victor G. Kac

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Iryna Kashuba

University of São Paulo, Brazil

Olga Kharlampovich

Hunter College, CUNY, USA

Leonid Kurdachenko
Oles Honchar Dnipro National University, Ukraine 

Peter Littelmann

University of Cologne, Germany 

Alex Lubotzky

Weizmann Institute, Israel

Sergiy Maksymenko
Institute of Mathematics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine 

Alexander Martsinkovsky

Northeastern University, USA

Olivier Mathieu

Université Claude Bernard, Lyon, France 

Volodymyr Mazorchuk

Uppsala University, Sweden

Volodymyr Nekrashevych

Texas A&M University, USA

Alexander Olshanskii

Vanderbilt University, USA

Victor Ostrik

University of Oregon, USA

Anatoliy Petravchuk

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine

Vera Serganova

University of California, Berkeley, USA

Ivan Shestakov
University of São Paulo, Brazil 

Agata Smoktunowicz

University of Edinburgh, UK

Geordie Williamson

University of Sydney, Australia

Changchang Xi

Capital Normal University, Beijing, China

Efim Zelmanov

SUSTech University, China


Yu. Drozd (Ukraine) – chairman

O. Bezushchak (Ukraine) – vice-chairmanA. Petravchuk (Ukraine) – vice-chairman

O. Artemovych (Poland)

T. Banakh (Ukraine)

V. Bavula (UK)

L. Bedratyuk (Ukraine)

I. Burban (Germany)

M. Dokuchaev (Brazil)

V. Futorny (China)
R. Grigorchuk (USA)
I. Kashuba (Brazil)

L. Kurdachenko (Ukraine)

V. Lyubashenko (Ukraine)

S. Maksymenko (Ukraine)
V. Mazorchuk (Sweden)

V. Nekrashevych (USA)

M. Nikitchenko (Ukraine)

A. Oliynyk (Ukraine)

B. Oliynyk (Ukraine)
M. Pratsiovytyi (Ukraine)

I. Protasov (Ukraine)

A. Pulemotov (Australia)

V. Shchedryk (Ukraine)

I. Shestakov (Brazil)

Ya. Sysak (Ukraine)

V. Ustimenko (UK)

P. Varbanets (Ukraine)

E. Zelmanov (China)

A. Zhuchok (Ukraine)


Yu. Liannoy – chairman, O. Kudrina – vice-chairman, T. Lukashova – vice-chairman

O. Chashechnikova

Ya. Chkana
O. Desiateryk
M. Drushlyak

M. Kalenyk
Yu. Khvorostina

E. Kochubinska

O. Odintsova

I. Raievska

M. Raievska

I. Shyshenko

I. Tsyganivska

A. Yurchenko

Along with the plenary talks we plan invited talks (30 minutes) and short communications (15 minutes). Official language of the conference is English.

We plan to use Zoom as a platform for conference talks. 

To participate in the conference fill the registration form not later than June 15, 2023.

If you plan to give a talk, prepare one page abstract in English following the template and send both tex-file and pdf-file  to the conference e-mail xiv.iacu@gmail.com  not later than June 15, 2023.

Registration and abstract submission is closed.

If you do not have experience with LaTeX and do not know, how to install the whole machinery, you can use an online template in Overleaf, where all necessary libraries etc. are already pre-installed.

The book of abstracts will be published in electronic form and available at the conference web page just before the conference start.

The book of abstracts can be downloaded here 

The e-mail of the conference is xiv.iacu@gmail.com

The official web page of the conference https://sites.google.com/view/iacu2023

Should you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us: xiv.iacu@gmail.com