International Association for Boundary Element Methods

 News: Next IABEM Symposium @ HK UST, Dec 4-6, 2024. Symposium website.

Call for Nominations: Frank J. Rizzo Award 2024


The International Association for Boundary Element Methods (IABEM) was founded in late 1988 by Prof. Thomas A. Cruse of the US, Prof. Luigi Morino of Italy, and Prof. Shoichi Kobayashi of Japan. IABEM aims to advance the development, analysis, and application of numerical methods founded on or related to boundary integral equations (BIE), volume integral equations (VIE), and, more generally,  non-local operators. Particular examples are 

The scope of IABEM includes both basic research at academic institutions and the use of BEM and related methods in compuational science and engineering and industry. 

IABEM organizes the IABEM Symposium to provide a forum for researchers and engineers around the world to discuss recent developments in the field and the new challenges ahead. IABEM Summer School or Short Courses on the BEM have also been offered by IABEM to train students and researchers on the topics of the BEM.

Membership and Organization

There is no formal membership of IABEM. IABEM is not formally registered as an association, but is just a group of volunteers. The IABEM is run by the Executive Council and supported by the Scientific Advisory Committee, of which all the members are active researchers in the BEM research and volunteers for IABEM: Details