Proposal of Bylaw/Constitutional Changes 

ARTICLE III – Membership 

Section 2: Membership shall be based on attendance of the state conference and will be valid until the next conference the following year responses to a membership survey. For those who are unable to attend the state conference, a Membership will be available for a fee to be determined by the board and will be valid until the following state conference. 

ARTICLE IV – Meeting of Members  

Section 2: Quorum. To conduct official business, one-third sixty (60) of the Association’s members must be present. 

Reasoning: With our current Bylaws and Constitution, to be considered a member of our organization, a person has to attend the yearly conference and business meeting.  This creates a changing membership list every year and causes a bigger problem if a board member is unable to attend the conference, during a calendar year.  This will make membership only a great deal more consistent.  The board has chosen to continue the membership fee of zero dollars and those on the mailing list are considered members until we are notified otherwise. 

                   The quorum section needs to be changed under this amendment to clarify how many members are considered in a quorum.

Board of Directors for Iowa Association for Alternative Education: We are still looking for members to run for the board of directors.  If you are interested, please email Joshua Baxter (Elections Chair) at

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The IAAE continues to do their best to serve all kinds of alternative education programs. The expansive nature of the alternative education movement, with its growing number of students and educational programs, present significant challenges to the IAAE today. Recent legislation ensures a larger role for alternative education in Iowa’s future. One generalization upon which every member in the association can agree is the single sentence in Article II of the IAAE constitution: “Public alternative education serves to ensure that every young person may find a path to the educational goals of the community.” This hope of the founders still defines the mission of the IAAE today.