Multi-scale Construction Materials Lab

Environmental Impact of Concrete

  • The manufacturing of Portland cement account for 5 to 7% of the CO2 that humans produce
  • Solutions to improve the properties of concrete and reduce the quantity of Portland cement used in concrete are crucial!

Synchrotron Technology on Concrete Research

  • Local-binding structure and morphological details of C-S-H
  • Hydrated tricalcium silicate(C3S), C-S-H with different molar ratios of Ca/Si, were synthesized (Syn-CSH)
  • Silicate polymerization influenced the multiple scattering of distant shell atoms more than the binding energy of the core atoms.
  • First observation of chemical shift of X-ray Absorption due to hydration

Multi-scale Concrete Research

  • Multi-scale approach from electronic or atomic to macro scale
  • To understand and enhance the properties of concrete
  • Multidisciplinary research (Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Geochemical Engineering)
  • [2018.10]The photo of 3D printing model that is made by "MCM LAB" and "3DPRIYOL" is selected as the cover of "Korean Journal of Construction engineering and management"
  • [2018.07.09]Heongwon Suh received the 2018 Korea Concrete Institute Graduation Award
  • [2018.07.09]Heongwon Suh and Taehoon Park received the Encouragement Award from Korea Concrete Institute
  • [2018.04.27]Heongwon Suh received the Excellence Award from Hanyang University
  • [2017.11.30]Hyeonseok Jee and Sungwun Her received the Excellence Award from Architectural Institute of Korea