Hypnosis Is Great


Hypnosis is Great provides online hypnosis sessions as well as team building events, and small group entertainment. Owner and operator Rusty Diamond, certified hypnotist, Northwest Hypnosis Institute, 2018, National Guild of Hypnotists member.

Experienced entertainer for 14 years in theater, movies, voiceover work and television. He also has 10 years of comedic experience, and 12 years of experience in the pro-wrestling industry.

Hypnosis is the process of entering a relaxed state where suggestions are implanted into an individual’s subconscious thought. Individuals can’t be hypnotized against their will or to do anything they don’t want to do. It’s used to allow modification of behavior by suggestion. It is often used along with other forms of medical or psychological treatment, but also can be used alone.

I aim to make hypnosis services accessible to more people, in a convenient, simple, culturally relevant format by using a robust website to provide services. My services include live online sessions that address a variety of treatment needs, a personalized free evaluative assessment and workshops for group team building events.

My customers will be millennials, individuals who are interested in alternative healthcare and non-invasive treatment approaches as well as individuals who may be limited in their ability to go to a clinic site (due to anxiety, disability, lack of flexibility in their schedule, etc.). Businesses that are interested in my services include business that are focused on sales and marketing, sports teams, entertainment businesses, casinos, senior centers or community support organizations.

Hypnosis is a proven technique to help change behaviors in a timely, non-invasive and effective manner. Benefits from hypnosis can be seen on average after 6 sessions with a 93% recovery rate. The future of this industry will be an online, convenient model. With the current trend holistic and natural treatment programs, hypnosis will continue to grow in popularity and acceptance.


Hypnosis by Rusty Diamond

Email: rustydiamondhypnosis@gmail.com

Phone: (503)974-6420

Website: hypnosisisgreat.com

Facebook & Instagram: @hypnosisisgreat

Mission Statement

I want to show everyone that hypnosis is great.

I aim to make hypnosis services accessible to more people, in a convenient, simple, culturally relevant format by using a robust website to provide services. 

I am a huge lover of hypnosis. I believe in its power to make one feel better. I wish to be able to extend this to others. By providing hypnosis services online, I will be making hypnosis more readily accessible in the current cultural norms to more people at a greater convenience. 

Features and Benefits

Hypnosis is Great offers hypnosis services for a variety of problems through a stress-free method. Services are offered through an online website with a secure connection. We offer a free service consultation for new clients that helps an individual define how hypnosis can be most beneficial for their needs. I guide people through a discovery process that helps them to achieve their self-improvement goals. Most people are able to achieve their goals through one treatment session. Additional sessions will be offered as needed. I identify service and treatment plans individually with the customer to assure an individualized approach. All services are confidential and no information with be shared with other entities.

Services and Pricing

A new client will start with a consultation session that lasts 10-15 minutes. During this time, they would meet through live video (online) with me to assess their needs and establish a relationship, desired outcome and the treatment process. At this time, the client will be asked to assess their comfort and personality fit with the hypnotist. A treatment plan is developed, and a service proposal will be created for the client. To initiate a session, the client would purchase their session/package and be provided a code for access to their live session.

At the end of each session, clients will be offered an opportunity to provide feedback. This feedback will be reviewed regularly to improve the customer experience.

In order to get the most from a session, clients are encouraged to attend sessions in a private, comfortable, quiet location that is free of distractions (other people or animals). Many people find that using noise cancellation headphones is beneficial.


I never really thought that hypnosis would work for me, or really believed in it for that matter. But when I was faced with studying for a major professional exam, I was having trouble concentrating... and I was ready to try anything.

Hypnosis is Great was amazing! I was able to connect via a phone call and seclude myself in a quiet room alone to enjoy the practice. It was a very strange and unique experience that completely relaxed and revitalized me. It is hard to describe, but completely worth it.

I found myself way more able to concentrate and sit to study for hours! I even got a few messages to check in on my progress after the fact.

Would highly recommend to anyone looking for help with just about anything!


I was a little skeptical about hypnosis, but my job is really stressful, and I have a hard time relaxing so I thought I would give it a try. I’m so glad I made that decision. “Hypnosis is great” came to my house and hypnotized me into the deepest relaxation I’ve ever felt. I woke up feeling refreshed, unstressed, and relaxed.

The hypnotist even made me a tape of the relaxation hypnosis that I can play to help me get good rest at night. I highly highly recommend. And not just for relaxation, there’s many things these guys can help with, i.e., quitting smoking etc. give it a shot, you will not regret it!"


"Rusty is a very talented hypnotist with a soothing voice that puts you right into trance. He's also one of the most authentic people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting! 10/10 would recommend. Definitely will be going back to him in the near future for all my hypnotism needs!"


"When the idea of hypnosis was suggested to me, I was skeptical at first.  My family was falling apart in front of my eyes. My husband and I were fighting daily and had even mentioned divorce. I had been struggling with anxiety and depression for years.  It seemed like this was the only option I had left. I knew I needed to try, maybe just to relax a bit.

After my first session, I felt a change in myself.  I felt more relaxed than I had felt in years.  After a few sessions, other people started to notice positive changes in me too.  After a few months, my life is completely different.  I am happier, and everyone else is too.  I have more confidence in myself, I am way less stressed out, I am friendlier and more productive in my daily life.  Most importantly, I smile now.

I know that I still have a lot of work to do.  I still have moments that overwhelm me, but now I have some tools that I can use to help me get through those tough moments.  Hypnosis has changed my life, and the lives of those I love for the better.  My only regret is not seeking help like this sooner."


"I was skeptical at first, but it ended up being one of the most relaxing things I've ever done. Will definitely do it again and I can't recommend Hypnosis Is Great enough!"


"As a life-long sufferer of anxiety, I have tirelessly sought healing from it. Western ‘medicine’, brain-chemistry-altering pharmaceutical ‘medications’, yoga, meditation, vigorous exercise, dancing the tango with a ferret, you name it, I’ve tried it. Sure, a few of those temporarily abated symptoms, but never got to the core, to the deepest machinations driving my illness. As a last resort, I considered hypnosis. Without question, I was dubious. Look, we’ve all seen old images of some sinister looking dude in a top hat with swirling eyes and swinging a pendulum. Fun, but seemed pretty woo-woo to me. At my rope’s end, I contacted hypnotist Rusty Diamond. Rusty is amiable, honest, and offers his clients real hope to heal themselves. He puts a great deal of time into crafting a program that is super specific to each client. He makes you feel that you matter, that you are worthy a healthy life. Whatever your travails, whatever your issues, working with Hypnotist Rusty Diamond is worth your every dollar. I do wish he’d wear a top hat though…"


Code Of Ethics

Rusty Diamond, C.H.

As a Hypnotist, I commit myself to conduct my professional relationships in accordance with the Code of Ethics and subscribe to the following statements:

1. I regard as my primary obligation the welfare of my client, whether individual or group.

2. I will comply with the requirements of the law in the jurisdiction where I practice, including requirements with regard to dealings with clients in relation to race, religion, age, and gender status.

3. I will offer services only within my scope of practice and boundaries of competence and the recognized knowledge and competences of the profession of hypnosis.

4. I will not claim to diagnose, prescribe treatment for, or treat any mental or physical illness.

5. I will not use any licensed or restricted title to which I am not legally entitled in the jurisdiction where I practice.

6. I will advise a client whose requirements are outside my boundaries of competence to seek an appropriate alternative service.

7. I will advise any client presenting symptoms of physical illness, including pain, to seek the advice of a medical practitioner if this has not already been obtained.

8. I will not guarantee cures for any condition or make misleading claims or statements as to the outcome of the services I offer.

9. I will make clear to the client, prior to the provision of services, the terms, conditions and charges for my services.

10. I will maintain confidentiality of information obtained during the course of providing my services, within the legal limits of reporting requirements in the jurisdiction where I practice. I will disclose any such limits of confidentiality to my clients prior to providing services. I will ensure that the client’s anonymity and privacy is safeguarded in the publication of any clinical material.

11. I will obtain the written consent of a parent or guardian before providing services to a minor.

12. I will not engage with any client outside of my office unless the client acknowledges me first (this protects the client's anonymity), all communication will be through my business phone and email, and all relationships will remain professional at all times.

13. I will undertake continuing professional development and education from time to time.

14. I accept responsibility to help protect the community against unethical practice by any individuals engaged in providing hypnosis services such as by reporting professional misconduct to the proper bodies or authorities.

15. I treat with respect the findings, views and actions of professional colleagues and use appropriate channels to express my opinions on these matters.

16. I will conduct myself in a manner consistent with upholding the good reputation of the profession of hypnosis.

17. I will distinguish clearly in public between my statements and actions as an individual and as a representative of an organization.

18. All work will be done via video or phone except in extreme cases and need to be done elsewhere.

I agree to conduct my practice and all professional interactions in strict accordance with regulations promulgated now or in the future. If I am charged with an alleged ethics violation, I understand that an investigation may be conducted upon receipt of a written complaint signed and dated by the person alleging the wrong committed and be subject to the disciplinary procedures policy. I understand that my certification could be suspended for a specific period of time or revoked if the complaint is upheld.