Objective of HyperDocs for Adult Educators Website

  • Understand the concept of a HyperDoc
  • Know how to create a HyperDoc
  • Know how to obtain pre-made lessons targeted towards adult education to use and/or edit for their own classrooms
  • Be able to collaborate with other adult educators by sharing one another's HyperDoc lessons with each other
  • Understand how to integrate a HyperDoc into their adult ed instruction

What is a HyperDoc?

  • A HyperDoc is a 21st century digital document where all factors of a lesson have been brought together into one central hub
  • Within one single document, students are provided with hyperlinks to guide and direct their learning; all the while, the instructor is acting as a facilitator for their students' learning cycle
  • A Google Document that contains an innovative lesson for students
  • A concept created by Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton, and Sarah Landis , HyperDocs are about hyperlinking documents to make learning amazing
  • Go to HyperDocs website to obtain more information

Reasons Adult Educators Should Use HyperDocs

  • Increased one-on-one interaction: HyperDocs provides instructors with an opportunity to address students with more face-to-face interaction with students as teachers guide them through each step and computer application.
  • Adaptability: Each lesson is easily adapted to meet the needs of individuals and/or classes.
  • Substitute lesson plan: The instructor can still be involved when he or she cannot be in class for the lesson.
  • Anytime| Anywhere| Any subject| : Students can experience an entire lesson from home or in class; students can be absent and still participate in the lesson without falling behind; students can participate in any subject matter as HyperDocs enables all teachers to incorporate all content areas into their HyperDocs instructions.
  • Student Engagement and Enhanced Learning: Every student in the room is engaged and learning both independently and together; no student is left without a voice.s

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