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No matter the situation, our well-trained and experienced team has got your back. You can trust your safety into our hands, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check out the type of security services you need and get the best team dispatched at your service.


We provide crowd control and a customize a security plan with our clients. We are experts with working in large indoor and outdoor arenas, venues, fairs, stadiums, concert shows, and exhibits.


Protect your property, office, or business with our On-Site Security services. We provide reliable and trustworthy security officers for personal and commercial purposes.

We offer the following on-site security services:

  • Armed Guard
  • Unarmed Guard
  • Off-Duty Police


We provide professional interior and exterior mobile patrol services with extensively trained security officers.

With our patrol service, we can thoroughly monitor an extended area - such as apartments - that will prevent incidents before they happen and will allow for a fast and professional response when necessary.


We offer a personal security detail that ensures the safety of people who might be at high risk of potential threats and danger.

Our team knows what safety precautions to take to secure you.

We are a licensed agency that knows how to provide you security and create a customized protection plan that works for your needs.


Our security guards will look after your property and guarantee the safety of your employees and equipment. We follow fire marshall and state protocols and provide extensive reports.

Heightened Security Service

Prepare your construction site or facility with our Heightened Security Services, which includes Emergency Services, Flood Control, and Natural Disaster Access Control.

Our Emergency Services will act as your immediate response to addressing any emergency that may arise. Our guards are all trained to handle some medical situations, including first aid and CPR.

Natural disasters will happen, inevitably. What we can do for you is to give you security services to prevent looters from taking advantage of the situation and compromise your business.

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