Best Hunter Valley Wedding Photographers

Best Hunter Valley Wedding Photography

Review of the best Hunter Valley wedding photographers that are perfect for your vineyard wedding in the Hunter Valley region of NSW.

So you have found your perfect wedding venue and you are talking to your wedding planner who is working out what you need. And every wedding planner who is good at their job will try to refer you to the best wedding photographers in the Hunter Valley. You could have the perfect wedding dress, florals, decorations and wedding cake. And they may look absolutely stunning on your wedding day. But without an awesome, highly skilled, creative, technical and passionate wedding photographer, then your wedding photos may be a disappointment.

The Hunter Valley wedding photographers we are recommending here are the photographers whose work we trust and love. They will capture amazing candid moments, portraits, wedding details, landscapes and most importantly the love and joy of your wedding day.

Many of these talented photographers in the Hunter Valley are totally booked out one to two years in advance because they are so good. They will only choose couples whose style fits with theirs. And they not only shoot in the Hunter Valley, but will also travel all over the world to document beautiful weddings.

These Hunter Valley wedding photographers are the best in the business and are consistently producing some of the best wedding images in the Hunter Valley and in Australia. They have all won many wedding industry awards over the years and inspirations to other photographers. So visit their websites and get a good feel for the images they take and the work they produce. And if you feel their style matches yours, then book them quickly, because they will book out.

1. Stephanie Jade Photograph

I would have to say that Stephanie is by far the most popular and best choice when you are considering hiring a Hunter Valley wedding photographer. The main reason I say this is because of her passion and dedication to her craft and her customers. One look at her work and I think you would agree that she is one of the best photographers in the Hunter Valley region of NSW.

2. Lynrose Photographics

Lynrose Photographics are a husband and wife team specialising in wedding and portrait photography. If you are looking for amazing Hunter Valley wedding photographers, then it doesn't get much better than these guys. o provide you with a stress free relaxed service and record your special memories or events for many years to come with superior quality professional digital photographs.

3. Max Campbell Photography

Max is a Hunter Valley wedding photographer but also serves all over New South Wales. His landscapes are out of this world. And he has a real tallent for capturing a couples joy and happiness on their wedding day. Pricing starts at $4,000 in the Hunter Valley, and travel expenses are always included.

4. Kylie Ford Weddings

Known as one of the Hunter Valleys top wedding photographers, you can be SURE that Kylie will be comfortable in any wedding venue in the Hunter region. She loves to use multiple lighting sources to create works of art for her wedding couples and has won many wedding photography awards over the years. Pricing starts at $5,000 and may not include travel.

5. Lynden Photography

A Hunter Valley wedding photographer serving all areas of the region. Lynden knows all of the best locations to get married in the Hunter Valley, including some hidden gems. He isn’t afraid of a little dirt and neither are his couples. Pricing starts around $4,500 for typical ful day wedding coverage.

Best wedding photographers in the Hunter Valley

Frequently Asked Questions for your Hunter Valley Wedding Photography

What is a reasonable price for a wedding photographer?

A reasonable and average price for a professional wedding photographer is $3,500 to $4,500. The cost will vary from photographer to photographer but this is a good price to pay.

Who is the best wedding photographer?

The best wedding photographer for your Hunter Valley wedding is listed in the above review. We have highlighted who and why we think they are awesome.

How much does wedding photography cost?

In 2021, the average cost for wedding photography for typical wedding day coverage was $3,500 to $4,500. The cost is much cheaper if you choose a student or new wedding photographer who is just entering the industry.

How much should I spend on wedding photography and videography?

On average, a wedding photographer and videographer will cost most Hunter Valley couples around $7,000 to $10,000.

How to choose a Hunter Valley wedding photographer

Choosing your perfect wedding photographer in the Hunter Valley can be a difficult choice. When you do a search for a wedding photogapher you get hundreds of thousands of search results. So where on earth do you begin? Well, firstly you could take our advice here on who you should choose. We have thoroughly reseached all the local photographers that service the Hunter Valley region. So we believe that these are the best. Otherwise, here are some tips to help you choose your perfect Hunter Valley wedding photographer.

A wedding is a celebration that unites two people together. A couple exchanging marriage vows, exchanging gifts, and a formal confirmation of marriage is made by a higher authority or priest in most wedding ceremonies. One approach is to hire a one-of-a-kind Hunter Valley wedding photographer. These ceremonies and memories you want to cherish for a lifetime. Pick the best wedding photographer so that later you cherish those memories.

Below are a few tips for choosing your ideal wedding photographer in the Hunter Valley...

1. Set a reasonable budget: What is the acceptable wedding photography budget? Is that not enough? Is it possible that I'm overspending? These questions are sure to perplex you and keep you looking for the correct response. There is a well-publicized option of setting aside a portion of the total wedding expenditure. When agreeing on a budget, always have a range in mind. Don't blindly pursue the suggestions of someone who spent tens of thousands of dollars on wedding photographs. A passion for photography and love for it are essential factors in determining an expenditure

2. Determine the Style: When it comes to modern Hunter Valley wedding photography, different words are used these days. Wedding photojournalists, fine art wedding photographers, and renowned candid wedding photographers are all examples of lifestyle wedding photographers.

3. Appropriate Portfolio: Before choosing a Hunter Valley wedding photographer, make sure he or she has an appropriate portfolio. In his or her portfolio, the wedding photographer should have a few unique weddings identified. You do not want to hire a wedding photographer who shows only the best one or two photographs from each marriage.

4. Shot consistency: This is one of the most undervalued and overlooked elements. Some wedding photographs can surprise us. However, if the standard of pictures is inconsistent in a wedding, the wedding day, and pre-wedding celebrations, then the variety and consistency of their work is lacking. This can be a big red flag when searching for your perfect wedding photographer in the Hunter Valley.

5. Photographer's Personality: The wedding photographer's personality may be reflected in the photo essence and how the photos turn out for you. Pictures that are lively and expressive can offer you an impression of his or her personality. Check out his Facebook page/profile timeline or Twitter updates to see what he's up to and how he's communicating.

6. Busy Wedding Photographer: The two most popular methods to contact a wedding photographer are email and via photographer contact forms. Your wedding photographer should not be very busy with his/her other projects. The wedding photographer needs to offer you quality time, but still busy enough to show you that they are highly sought after.

7. Communication: When you chat and email with the photographers on your shortlist, you'll see that you already have a connection with one (or a few). If you prefer his or her contact style? Is he/she successfully addressing your questions and clearing your doubts?

8. Recommendations: Choosing a wedding photographer based on a recommendation by an acquaintance may be a wise choice. You can quickly shortlist him/her and compare him/her to other photographers on the shortlist.

9. Overworked Wedding Photographer: Often, wedding photographers capture a small number of weddings every month or year. This way, they maintain their personal and professional lives and also allows them to put in a full-throttle effort at each wedding. A sore and sleep-deprived body is unsuitable for artistic endeavors.

10. Send a Personalised Email: Don't be shy to contact your Hunter Valley wedding photographer to explain your needs and budget. Share your thoughts on how you're looking forward to your wedding. A wedding photographer who only takes on a few wedding assignments every month or year will significantly differ. Maintain an open and frank dialogue. If you've decided on a wedding photographer, send them a courtesy email informing them of your decision.

These ten suggestions will assist you in selecting the best wedding photographer. Make your dreams into reality with the best photographer for your Hunter Valley wedding.

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