H&M Fashion für Frauen Männer

The h&m online brand was lately founded in 1947 by Erling Persson, this is the Swedish brand that has headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. This brand is Hennes & Mauritz that is now popularly known as h and m (H&M). The brand is for the clothing, accessories, home textures, and footwear along with cosmetics range. The h&m online comes with a wide variety of products in the range for cosmetics, sportswear, and other apparel for women, men, and kids. The h and m (H&M) group operates via other sub-brands as well such as Cheap Monday, Monki, COS, Weekday, and others along with h&m home. Through this article, let us understand the marketing strategy of this successful brand.

STM of h & m – Segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategy

Those companies which are operating in the fashionable clothing and the accessories industry use the mix of various variables such as demographic, psychographic, and geographic segmentation variables such as income, age, race, ethnicity, brand loyalty, and many others. Handm uses differentiating targeting strategy as it is operating with different other brands with varied offerings. h and m online have positioned itself based on the visionary outlook being ahead of the other trends which offer you the style and quality. To lure the target audience the brand has also come up with h&m discount code.

The vision of h and m (H&M): To lead the change towards a circular, fair and equal fashion industry.

The tagline of handm online: Fashion & Quality at the Best Price.

Competitive advantage in the Marketing strategy of h and m (H&M)

  • Exposure of Limited markets: Since the company of the have a presence with 65 markets across the globe. It is helping the company is focusing on the operational part and safeguards the interest of the company from the sovereign risk and cross with the country exposures.

  • Physical store business model: With the emerging markets/ developing the nations, since the customers prefer more to try the apparels and accessories at the physical store with h and m voucher available. Due to this, the h and m (H&M) has been performing well in nations.

BCG Matrix in the Marketing strategy of h & m

The company operates in the market with the group of h and m (H&M) and other stories COS, Weekday, and other basic brands. Due to its limited availability and presence in the markets, it also operates into all the brands of the h and m (H&M) group that are with the question mark in the BCG matrix. The marketing strategy of the group is with the h and m discount code.

Distribution strategy in the Marketing strategy in the h and m (H&M)

With an employee count of more than 161000 worldwide the brand has been reaching the major economics on a global scale. The h und m online has been expanding its market reach in various nations via strong digital presences with an additional of 4350+ stores in more than 65 markets via e-commerce in 35 markets.

Brand equity in the Marketing strategy of h and m (H&M)

the brand with its extensive range of product lines is a competing brand that is structured with a well-known Retail brand of the Industry creating high visibility in the market. The H & M has been ranked 36th in the Forbes magazine of the World’s most powerful brands. The Apparel and footwear brand has a market value of $39.9 billion with generating revenue of $22.67 billion. The h and m (H&M) have been ranked 20th on the Global platform.

The competitive analysis in the marketing strategy of H&M

The business model of the brand is majorly based on the physical stores where the footfall is decreasing quarter by quarter and the brand is unable to capitalize the same whereas its rivals and others are able to outperform due to the efficient supply chain helping the companies into the adopting the changing the demand pattern. The clothing and the apparel fashion industry is by and large facing competition from the unorganized sector of the sectors that are in the developing phase.

Marketing analysis in the marketing strategy of H&m

As the brand operates in the fashion industry it has a low product lifecycle and the markets operate with the risk of the unsold inventory that is just because of the emerging and changing trends for fashion. Although the company is present in a limited number of countries it is in the expansion mode. The brand company has planned to open 400 branches in the year 2017 and it is planning to strengthen the marketplace channel.

The customer analysis for the brand h and m (H&M)

With the widened and varied range of h and m (H&M), the brand serves a large array of customer groups range from kids, men, and women. The customers of the h and m (H&M) brand are primarily set for the upper middle-income group and the upper middle age group of 15-40 years. There is a diversification in the collection of H and M brands for customers to choose and explore their own personal style.


Hopefully, we hope that you are now clear with the Marketing strategy of h and m (H&M) brand. It is important to acknowledge that this brand is now successfully operating in the markets with no complaints and happy customers. To know more or fetch some detailed information about the brand visit h and m (H&M) official website.