Humanity and Technology

by Brian Cullen

Humanity and Technology is an integrated skills textbook for students of pre-intermediate level or higher. This text will help students to improve their skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, presentation and critical thinking and to become more independent learners. The topics in Humanity and Technology explore the relationship between humanity and technology. Students are encouraged to think seriously about the benefits and dangers of technology for humanity and for their own lives.


128 pages

Published by Intercom Press and PAWS International

ISBN: 9784900689930

Audio Program: 4 hours of audio available to teachers and students online

Online resources: Extensive Moodle activities are available; please contact us for details.

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Unit 1 History of Science and Technology

Unit 2 Communication

Unit 3 Energy

Unit 4 Robots and Artificial Intelligence

Unit 5 Food

Unit 6 The Internet

Unit 7 Climate

Unit 8 City Life

Unit 9 Media

Unit 10 Going Green

Unit 11 Health

Unit 12 The Future

Learning Activities in Humanity and Technology

Each of the 12 units in Humanity and Technology has a wealth of learning activities to help students develop their English skills.

  • Starting Out
  • Conversation
  • Reading 1
  • Lecture
  • Talking Point
  • Write About It
  • Discussion and Debate
  • Authentic Conversations
  • Reading 2
  • Reading Exchange
  • Research and Presentation
  • Work It Out

Humanity and Technology also has great activities to support students in talking about:

  • Numbers
  • Graphs
  • Tables
  • Formulae
  • Shapes
  • Materials
  • and much more...