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My research group focuses on the interaction of humans, the land surface, and the atmosphere in complex urban environments. Our research seeks to improve our understanding of urban environmental changes and urban climate under the context of rapid urbanization and changing climate for sustainable urban development.


AGU 2021 Fall Meeting: A Global Assessment of Coastal Marine Heatwaves and Their Relation With Coastal Urban Thermal Changes

Presentation: "Using ECOSTRESS to explore diurnal evolution

of city-scale tree temperature" 2021

Lab News

  • 2021 -August, We are excited to have Vy Nguyen joining our group and starting her Master's program in Earth System Science at UAH.

  • 2021-August. Congrats on Trang’s invited talk on our recent research on the diurnal evolution of canopy temperature in NYC at the ECOSTRESS Science and Applications Team Meeting

  • 2021- July, check out our talk and discussion on” Better Measures of Land Surface Temperatures (LST) and Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) to Improve Monitoring”

  • 2021-June, our NSF proposal is selected for funding to explore the urban pollution and heat islands interaction and drivers using citizen sciences and remote sensing. Looking forward to the exciting collaborations with Drs Liang and Ponette from the University of North Texas.

  • 2021-May. Our NASA IDS-funded research led by our collaborators, Dr. Li Qi and her student, Zhou Yu, on “Impact of Heat Storage on Remote-Sensing Based Quantification of Anthropogenic Heat in Urban Environments” has been accepted for publication in Remote Sensing of Environment. Please come back later for the full paper.

  • 2021- May. Trang-led paper on the diurnal evolution of tree canopy temperature study over New York City has been published in Scientific Reports. Congrats, and please find the full manuscript here.

  • 2021-Apr. I was invited to give a seminar talk in Crosscurrents seminar series at the University of North Texas on the urban thermal environment changes under the climate extremes.

  • 2021- Apr. we have published a new research paper on Geophysical Research letters on “A Global Assessment of Coastal Marine Heatwaves and Their Relation with Coastal Urban Thermal Changes”, and check out the details here (Link).

  • 2021-Jan. Our project “Evaluating Urban Heat Island Mitigation Strategies on Diurnal Heat Exposure and Health Outcomes” has been selected for the award in NASA HAQAST. We are looking forward to kicking off the project.

  • 2020- Sept; We have two new papers recently published on the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, and Remote Sensing of Environment.

  • 2020-July: Our proposal “Connecting Urbanization to Patterns of Heat and Precipitation Risk: Linking Mechanistic Understanding to Quantification by Remote Sensing.” has been selected by NASA for funding from 2020-2023.

  • 2020-July-10: Michelle Dornath-Mohr has passed her thesis defense, Congratulations!


  • 2020-May-15: Please check out our new blog published at USAID about our new monthly mean LST products “Better Measures of Land Surface Temperatures Improve Monitoring for Drought, Stressed Crops, and Crop Productivity” (https://www.agrilinks.org/post/lst)

  • Upcoming presentation about our recent study (https://advances.sciencemag.org/content/5/12/eaay3452) at EGU in April of 2020

    • Yang, J., Hu, L., Refined assessment of urban residents’ exposure to extreme temperatures across the United States, in section CL2.5 – Urban climate, urban biometeorology, and science tools for cities

  • 2020-Jan-10: We attended the 100th AMS at Boston! Here are our presentations:

    • Hu, L. (2020) Improved estimate of monthly land surface temperature from MODIS using diurnal temperature cycle (DTC) model. Jan. 8-12., AMS Annual Meeting, Boston, USA

    • Hu, L. & Qi Li: Joint Influence of Green Space and Blue Space on Urban Outdoor Comfort by Using a Dense Urban Observational Network. Jan. 8-12., AMS Annual Meeting, Boston, USA

Get in touch at leiqiu.hu@uah.edu